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Make-your-own mixtures spice up meal times

Combinations of spices and herbs enhance the flavour of foods but commercially prepared mixes often contain large amounts of salt, MSG, flavour enhancers and preservatives. By creating your own spice blends, you can lower the salt content and adapt the flavours to your family’s preferred taste, such as more or less onion, garlic or heat. […] Read more

VIDEO: Program explains consequences when farm safety ignored

TABER, Alta. — Fresh shavings cover the floor of this classroom in a barn on a farm near Taber. Some of the time the Alberta high school students enrolled in AGR 3000, an agricultural safety course, listen to instructors and take notes at their tables. At other times, they examine sites and farm equipment where […] Read more

Celebrating All Saints Day Guatemala style

Dressed in their Sunday best, families sat down to a picnic amid the elaborate flower displays. Kids ran around flying kites, while an ice cream seller did a thriving business from his hand-wheeled cart. Music played as we followed throngs of visitors wandering around. The only unusual part of the festive atmosphere is that we […] Read more

When things go sideways …do you know what to do?

EDMONTON — Alberta’s Bill 6 has opened the door to addressing safety, say agricultural safety experts. “I saw it as an opportunity to talk about safety, raise the profile of safety in people’s minds,” said Dan Trottier of Ag Safe Alberta. “As a result, people are working toward more complex safety management systems for their […] Read more

Prepare farm plan to mitigate risk around marijuana use

The legalization of marijuana in Canada will pose safety issues for employers because there is no test to determine impairment

EDMONTON — Marijuana and dangerous workplaces do not mix, delegates were told at the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association’s annual conference in Edmonton this month.
 Dan Demers, a senior manager with CannAmm Occupational Testing services, noted effects linger for 24 hours beyond the acute period of use and days longer for chronic users, disrupting signals in […] Read more

Easy to make comfort food

Nothing beats the aroma of fresh baked bread wafting through the house. Bread machines may be convenient but it isn’t difficult to make breads from scratch either. The four main ingredients are flour, yeast, salt and water. Bread flour makes a superior loaf because it is higher in the protein, gluten. When water is added […] Read more

Couple find satisfaction in getting their hands dirty

BON ACCORD, Alta. — Heather Edwards has thrown thousands of pots, but surprisingly few are collected by the Bon Accord, Alta., potter. The operator of Pottery by Heather uses the seconds not fit for sale in her family home, but doesn’t covet or collect her more ambitious pieces. “We live humbly. We drive old vehicles […] Read more