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Flooding model ready to go

Insurance companies don’t like floods. Mostly because a major flood can put an insurance company out of business. That’s likely why The Co-operators, one of the largest insurance and financial services organizations in Canada, is supporting a project that could reduce the risk of floods on the Prairies. The Co-operators have contributed to the Aquanty […] Read more

Northern wines light up B.C.

Fruit winery proving popular, leading to fast growth in new operation in northern part of the province

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. Northern Lights Estate Winery is leading the way for fruit wines in British Columbia. Conceived by Pat Bell, a former provincial agriculture minister, his tours of Okanagan Valley made him wonder if a northern community could support a winery. Working with his wife and son Doug, the family decided to build the […] Read more

Multiple generations work the Spy Hill farm

The intergenerational knowledge within a family farm is the bedrock upon which the farm is built. It’s also what makes each farm unique. This knowledge includes historical perspectives on the land, specialized know-how with specific equipment or livestock breeds, and on the Odgers farm near Spy Hill, Sask., hockey is a big part of the […] Read more

Strawberries and rhubarb a tasty traditional treat

We can never have too many ways to enjoy strawberries. And pairing them with rhubarb is a traditional match. Did you know that there are an average of 200 seeds on every strawberry. The seeds can grow into a new plant but mostly they propagate by runners. Strawberries are considered members of the rose family. […] Read more

Baking for grandparents a message of love

Q: The other day my seven-year-old granddaughter said to me that I did not need to make cookies for her and her little brother every time they came over to our house. Actually, Grandma has said the same thing to me. “Charlie,” she said, “we can get cookies from the store any day of the […] Read more

Co-operation key to building trust

Farmers are urged to share their authentic stories and participate in Canada’s annual agriculture day

Building public trust is key to modern agriculture and the industry must work together to achieve that trust, said Saskatchewan advocacy groups. “It’s up to everyone in the industry to do something,” said Debbie Bailey, with the organization Agriculture More Than Ever at Farm Credit Canada. “I used to wonder why somebody didn’t do something. […] Read more

Award winning farmers guided by five goals

FORT STEELE, B.C. — Energy and enthusiasm for agriculture are in abundant supply at Cutter Ranch, owned and operated by Sacha Bentall and Tyler McNaughton. Their pasture-raised pork, lamb and beef operation, which they’ve developed over the past 10 years, required plenty of both attributes. Those same qualities also factored into earning them the 2018 […] Read more

Ag in the Classroom takes kids to hands-on experiences

RICHARDSON, Sask. — Grade 4 students are running around Richardson’s Bennett Farm shaking little vials. Even as the students from Regina’s Lakeview School move from one learning station to another, their arms go up and down. It’s one of the more popular ways they are learning about where their food comes from, said Susan Jorgensen, […] Read more

Fish and wine make for a great summer road trip

As a kid growing up on the prairies, the great Canadian road trip often took us to the Okanagan Valley. At some time between seeding and harvest we would forge out for a little vacation. Not much has changed for me. I still love that drive from the Prairies to the orchards. There isn’t a […] Read more

Should we know gender of unborn child?

Q: Last Friday evening my granddaughter’s friends put together a gender identity party for her. My granddaughter is five months pregnant. She and her boyfriend went for an ultrasound a few days ago but instead of telling them the results of the ultrasound, the technician put his findings into a sealed envelope to give to […] Read more