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Retail cannabis applications 30 times higher than permits allowed

Applications for retail cannabis permits in Saskatchewan have far exceeded the number available and interest in rural areas is strong, said the province April 20. The government previously said it would allow 51 permits in 32 places that met population thresholds. It received 1,502 submissions, or 30 times the available number of permits, under a […] Read more

Harsh weather takes toll on calves

Some dry spots finally free of snow were just beginning to appear in David Cervo’s calving pasture. Then came another 10 centimetres of overnight snow. That’s how it’s been during calving season in southern Alberta and across much of the Prairies, resulting in higher calf losses, shortages of hay and straw, and increased stress on […] Read more

Debate over land use plan focuses on OHV use

Province looks for public input on draft plan for Livingstone-Porcupine Hills region in southwestern Alberta

Supporters of a draft plan to manage and protect the Livingstone-Porcupine Hills region of southern Alberta made their views known April 9 at a news conference where they articulated the benefits. Albertans have until April 26 to provide feedback on two plans tabled earlier this month by the provincial government: the land footprint report and […] Read more

Good nutrition can help battle stress

Nutrition has become complicated and people are often confused about what to eat, nutritionist Leslie Beck told a crowd at the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference. People are looking for ways to manage stress, get more energy and stay healthy, which can be achieved with proper nutrition, she said at the event held in Calgary […] Read more

Young Alberta family returns to farm roots

On the Farm: Jenny and Andy Vandersteen met at a firebase and eventually worked their way back to the farm

BEAVER MINES, Alta. — A winding gravel road through the foothills west of Pincher Creek, Alta., brings visitors to a ranch where the scenery fosters two families, a 60-head cow-calf herd and a photography business. Jenny and Andy Vandersteen and their children Leena, 7, and Brady, 5, ranch with Jenny’s parents, Ron and Terry Watrin. […] Read more

Alta. proposes cannabis changes

As Alberta gears up to deal with the legalization of cannabis, it’s proposing higher fines for rule-breakers and tighter restrictions on branding, as well as potentially allowing small communities to sell the product differently. The proposals were outlined in new legislation tabled April 9. It states that Alberta won’t allow retail stores to brand themselves […] Read more

Children who learn to cook will eat better as adults

Learning to prepare food and cook are life skills we all need. Developing these skills early in life will encourage children to make healthy food choices and increase their confidence in preparing meals for themselves and others during their entire life. Many food preparation skills build on and encourage math, reading, organizational and mechanical skills. […] Read more

Abusive behaviour must be handled before it escalates

After a somewhat hurried courtship, my husband and I married a little less than a year ago. Recently, I found an entry on one of our bank statements that I did not understand. When I asked my husband about it he got angry at me and pushed me out of the way before running out […] Read more

More farms, ranches sought for Open Farm Days

This year will be the sixth Open Farm Days event in Alberta, and public participation grew from 17,800 visitors in 2016 to 20,000 last year

Agricultural groups often talk about the widening gap between urban and rural people and public misunderstandings about how food gets from field and pasture to table and plate. Alberta farmers and ranchers can do something about that gap. They can open their properties to the public during Open Farm Days, this year scheduled Aug. 18-19. […] Read more

Beer ruling applauded by supply managed farmers

Canadian dairy farmers are feeling relieved today, following a Supreme Court ruling related to interprovincial trade. Supreme Court of Canada justices, in a decision released this morning, ruled that provincial governments can have regulations that restrict the flow of goods across provincial borders, provided the primary function of the regulation is not to impede trade. […] Read more