Drain without deluge: slow the water flow

FARGO, N.D. — Jeff Penner isn’t selling a machine so much as he’s selling a concept. He’s showing farmers how to achieve good drainage without letting a drop of water flow off the field. There’s an old saying about how everybody lives downstream from somebody else. Likewise, we also live upstream from somebody, which carries […] Read more

Is it a ditcher — or is it a time machine?

FARGO, N.D. — In a wet year, any given quarter on Nathan Boll’s farm will see 10 to 20 percent of the acres lost to water. Some fields lose up to 50 percent. It’s really more of a time management issue than a water management issue says Boll, who farms at Newburg, North Dakota. Boll […] Read more

Lacombe grower to lead wheat research organization

Western Canada’s newest farmer-funded research organization has elected its first executive committee. The Canadian Wheat Research Coalition (CWRC) will be led by chairperson Terry Young, a wheat grower from Lacombe, Alta., vice-chair Laura Reiter from Radisson, Sask., and secretary-treasurer Cale Jefferies from Glenboro, Man. The executive team was announced Oct. 17. CWRC is a federal […] Read more

North American ag ministers to meet in Denver

Agriculture ministers from North America are meeting in Colorado this week against the backdrop of uncertain NAFTA negotiations in Washington. Saskatchewan minister Lyle Stewart said discussions in Denver will most certainly focus on trade. “That’s always the topic of conversation at the Tri-National Accord and we think it’s particularly important that we’re there this year […] Read more

Logistics park planned for Oyen, Alta.

The town of Oyen, in east central Alberta, will be home to a proposed new transload and rail logistics facility. Sources say construction on the Oyen Rail Yard & Logistics Park will begin this fall. The 155-acre facility is billed as a multi-phase economic development project, to be managed by Alberta’s Special Areas Board, the […] Read more

Tiny satellites from Edge of the Planet

Winnipeg’s Farmer’s Edge partners with San Francisco’s Planet to get a Dove’s eye view of the field

A bird’s-eye view can provide intelligence about crop conditions that would otherwise be found only at harvest or by a combination of luck and labour. The problem is that in the past the birds didn’t fly every day. Canadian agronomy company Farmer’s Edge and San Francisco’s satellite imager Planet have joined forces to make new […] Read more

Fertilizing in the fall; part 2

Last week we looked at the 4Rs of nutrient management as they relate to fall nitrogen. This article will focus on “the others,” or phosphorus, potassium and sulfur. With regards to “right time,” phosphate, potash and sulfur are quite a bit less complicated than nitrogen. The good news is all three products can be applied […] Read more

Winnipeg-made grain tester easy to use, portable

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — A new Winnipeg company is betting farmers want portability in their grain testers. Prairie Grain Analyzers has developed a new moisture tool that doesn’t require the grain to be weighed or have its temperature taken. It also doesn’t force producers to look up the results on a chart. The MA-404 uses an […] Read more

Clubroot resistant canola seed in demand after Sask. discovery

It’s canola booking time again, and growers across Western Canada and the northern U.S. Great Plains are making their canola seed plans. Those haven’t always included hybrids with clubroot resistant genetics in Saskatchewan and parts of the Peace Country. However, canola seed companies are seeing more interest in resistant genetics packages from those areas since […] Read more

VIDEO: The Concord flies again

FARGO, N.D. — The reborn Concord Legacy made its first American appearance at the Big Iron Show in Fargo in September. It first showed in Regina in June, attracting attention from older Concord owners and younger growers looking to upgrade their seeding iron. The packing wheel mounted on a hydraulically controlled parallel arm is the […] Read more