Pressure up for transit, down for the field

FARGO, N.D. — Central tire inflation systems are gaining ground with operators who see the value of running maximum allowable tire pressure in transit and minimum allowable tire pressure in the field. Adjustable tire pressure has become a major factor because of the growing awareness of the impact that soil compaction has on yield. Changing […] Read more

Methane conditioner used to keep turbine blades turning

Burning dirty fuel in a turbine destroys the equipment but one company hopes to solve the problem with new technology

Many farmers in oil and gas country navigate by the gas flares. These flares are a double edged sword. They mean jobs and additional income from access or rights, but they are bad for the environment and a waste of energy. The options are to close the wells or convert all that gas into electricity […] Read more

Talks on taxes continue between Ottawa, CFA

OTTAWA — While the federal government may have partially backed down on its plans to rework small business taxation, the lobby effort is far from over, said farm representatives who attended the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s lobby day on Parliament Hill in late October. About 40 meetings took place over a four-hour period with farming […] Read more

Companies unhappy with canola council, want restructuring, refocus

Canola Council of Canada, one of the largest ag industry associations in the country, is under pressure to adjust its priorities and get costs under control. Some are even calling for it to merge with other oilseed organizations. Ag industry leaders have told The Western Producer that oilseed crushers and grain elevator companies have become […] Read more

Monsanto, U.S. farm groups sue California over glyphosate warnings

CHICAGO, Nov 15 (Reuters) – Monsanto Co. and U.S. farm groups sued California on Wednesday to stop the state from requiring cancer warnings on products containing the widely used weed killer glyphosate, which the company sells to farmers to apply to its genetically engineered crops. The government of the most populous U.S. state added glyphosate, […] Read more

VIDEO: The future of glyphosate in Europe

The future use of the herbicide glyphosate is a highly charged political issue in Europe. This video story from our partners at Reuters News Agency looks at how one British farmer sees the issues. Last week the European Union’s 28 countries failed to approve or reject the European Commission’s proposal for a five-year extension to […] Read more

Neonics linked to songbird deaths

Scientists have conducted dozens of studies on neonicotinoid seed treatments and the potential impact on bee health. Now, researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have found that canola seed coated with imidacloprid, a type of neonicotinoid, can be toxic to songbirds. “Imidacloprid dosed birds exhibited significant declines in fat stores and body mass and failed […] Read more

Municipalities will drive pot retailing in Manitoba

Manitoba farmers and rural residents looking for pot in their local towns and those opposed to legally selling cannabis don’t yet know if marijuana shops will be springing up on main street. None of that is clear as the Manitoba government develops its legalized cannabis system. However, it is clear that municipalities will decide whether […] Read more

Prairie soil after a fire


Some mainstream news outlets tend to sensationalize their coverage of prairie wildfires by emphasizing how many “acres of land were destroyed,” leaving Canadians with the impression that the land is gone. Grassland specialists such as Barry Adams counter those reports by explaining that fire cannot destroy land. “But it can destroy peoples lives,” said Adams, […] Read more

Higher power = greater efficiency

There are active farmers who can remember a time when a 200 horsepower tractor was considered big. When it comes to planting a crop today, most broad-acre growers are sitting on machines that have two or three times that amount of power. As farms added acres over the past decades, the pressure to cover more […] Read more