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It’s the same but different for Canadian snowbirds in U.S.

Americans and Canadians share a lot of similarities, but the differences can often be glaring, from guns to Cheezies

People marvel sometimes how the offspring of the same parents, raised in the same house in roughly the same time period, can be so different. What about countries? What about Canadians and Americans? We share the same parents, considering that we all mostly emerged from native and imported stock with early immigration primarily from Britain […] Read more

Prairie land conservancy provides alternative

Retiring farmers have many reasons for not wanting to sell their land, and there are alternatives, says Duane Guina, executive director of Farmland Legacies, a registered, non-profit charity, which holds agricultural land in trust and promotes sustainable values. “Some don’t like the direction that agriculture is going in,” Guina says. He says issues some retiring […] Read more

Handing off the farm to an outsider

Al Boyko and Helene Tremblay-Boyko got an early start on their unique retirement plan because they knew they were in uncharted territory. There were no models, at least in Saskatchewan, for the way they wanted to pass on their farm. The couple have three daughters. None of them want to farm and they live in […] Read more

Read your health insurance policy before you travel

Joe and Suzanne Lefebvre of Ontario bought a travel health policy in October 2010 specifically for an Alaskan cruise they would take the following May. On the fourth day of the cruise, Joe, who was 80 at the time, had to be hospitalized in Fairbanks with pneumonia. Complications set in and he spent 15 days […] Read more

A story of two happy snowbirds

Clayton and Marjorie Markusson have been flying south for 17 years. They spend about four months in Texas and the remainder at their home on Fishing Lake, about 19 kilometres from Foam Lake, Sask. The first time they travelled to the United States for the winter, they went with another couple. They later bought a […] Read more

Farmers learn to embrace new careers after retirement

A few decades ago, the word “retire” meant to go away, to retreat or withdraw as in battle, or simply to go to bed, as in: “It’s been a long day and I’m exhausted. I think I’ll retire.” This is retirement as we know it today: “The action or fact of leaving one’s job and […] Read more

Retired and living at the lake

Many people dream of retiring to the cottage, making it their principal residence. Articles on several seniors’ websites warn of the risks of this action. Some concerns raised are accessibility, social lifestyle and operating costs. Are the roads suitable for winter driving and will they be cleared in a timely fashion in winter? What about […] Read more

There are two of us in this retirement

When he was 65, Steve, a farmer in northeastern Saskatchewan, surprised his friends and family by retiring. No one who knew him thought he would ever do that, but Steve said it was time. His health was good and he wanted to be free of the day-to-day responsibilities of running the farm; free to visit […] Read more

Finding faith

Around the middle of the 20th century, when most of the people now of retirement age were being born, things were a lot simpler when it came to religion. You either had it or you didn’t. If you didn’t or if your brand of religion was different from the norm, you kept it to yourself. […] Read more