Why farmers are mad as hell at Morneau and Trudeau

It’s safe to say lots of farmers are mad as hell at federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau and his boss, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the proposed small business tax overhaul. Why is this? Is it because they’re a bunch of fat-cat tax-cheats who have gotten their fingers caught in the cookie jar and are […] Read more

Feds refuse to back down on proposed tax changes

Farmers hoping for changes to federal tax proposals got little relief from Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week. The government’s apparent decision to stay the on course on tax revisions has left many tax planners pessimistic that the federal proposals can be substantially modified before they are implemented. “Morneau and […] Read more

U.S. ag secretary hopes to ‘modernize’ NAFTA, not break it

TORONTO, Ont. — If Canada wanted a friend inside the Donald Trump administration, one who has deep Canadian friendships and a desire to boost U.S.-Canada trade, they appear to have gotten lucky in Sonny Perdue. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture was warmly received when he appeared at the Southeastern United States-Canadian Provinces Alliance conference June […] Read more

The joys of a short, sharp weather rally

I took a lot of joy recently in watching the short, sharp rally in wheat futures launched by a U.S. snowstorm. It was dramatic, with prices gapping higher as soon as the markets opened on Monday, May 1, following the weekend storm. It was like people flipped on their computers, took a sip of coffee, […] Read more

Porcine epidemic diarrhea case found in Manitoba

It’s no shock that an isolated case of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus appeared on a Manitoba farm at the beginning of May, says Manitoba Pork. The disease is common in the U.S. and is expected to appear from time to time. “We’re not really surprised,” said spokesperson Mark Fynn. “We know we have the disease […] Read more

Anxiety, uncertainty and perplexity: the mood in Washington this week

Is he actually going to do these things? Does he even understand them? Will we get anything done? Those questions seemed to be swirling around the Washington, D.C. agriculture and trade policy community this week as I and a group of agricultural journalists met with congressmen and farm policy experts in the U.S. capital. Anxiety, […] Read more