Field Heroes program promotes beneficial bugs

When it comes to keeping fields healthy, producers are not alone. Tyler Wist wants producers to realize as they work to deal with pests in their crop that they have some heavy hitters from the natural world in their corner. Wist and the Western Grains Research Foundation’s Field Heroes program is working to promote bugs[...]

Talks on taxes continue between Ottawa, CFA

OTTAWA — While the federal government may have partially backed down on its plans to rework small business taxation, the lobby effort is far from over, said farm representatives who attended the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s lobby day on Parliament Hill in late October. 
About 40 meetings took place over a four-hour period with farming[...]

An isolating illness: talking about mental health

When Trewett Chaplin is stressed, he puts his head down and focuses on one task that he has to get done that day on his ranch. At 28 years old, Chaplin takes care of 550 head of cattle and 230 head of bison on his ranch near Craik, Sask. He farms by himself and is[...]