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The U.S. national live price average for barrows and gilts was $25.21 June 26, up from $24.01 on June 19.

U.S. hogs averaged $28.48 on a carcass basis June 26, no change from $28.48 June 19.

The U.S. pork cutout was $65.95 per cwt. June 26, up from $64.64 June 19.

The estimated U.S. weekly slaughter to June 27 was 2.641 million, up from 2.587 million the previous week.

Slaughter 2.386 million last year at the same time.

In Canada the June 27 Signature Four price was C$122.63 per 100 kilograms down from $127.61.

Hams Marketing cash price was $120.63 down from $125.61. HyLife was $121.64 down from $125.37 and OlyWest was $111.20 down from $119.20. HyLife’s adjusted price was $148.52 down from $149.69.


Prices offered by Canadian buyers for slaughter in Canada start at $3.50 per pound HHW for Grade A bison bulls and heifers on light trading. Canadian buyers are offering $5.00 for prime bulls and $4.80 for heifers for slaughter in the U.S.

U.S. buyers are paying US$3.85 HHW for prime bulls from Canada for U.S. slaughter, where slaughter times are booked. Heifers are being purchased at $3.60. Returns to the producers are dependent on exchange rates, quality, transportation, and export costs.


Ontario Stockyards Inc. reported 669 sheep and lambs and 21 goats sold June 22. New crop lambs sold higher. Heavy lambs sold higher. Thin sheep sold higher. Thicker types sold steady. Goats sold steady.

Beaver Hill Auction in Tofield, Alta., reported 391 sheep and 52 goats sold June 22.

Wool lambs lighter than 54 lb. were $260-$290 per cwt., 55 to 69 lb. were $250-$299, 70 to 85 lb. were $240-$280, 86 to 105 lb. were $210-$227 and 106 lb. and heavier were $210-$227.

Wool rams were $123-$176 per cwt. Cull ewes were $114-$190.

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