Better late than never

Friends and neighbours helped the Longson ranch move 140 cows and calves to a grazing lease near Fitzsimmons Creek in the Alberta Foothills July 9.

The cattle were herded across the Highwood River and then seven kilometres to the base of Mount Armstrong.

The animals’ arrival at the summer pasture had been delayed by a rainy spring and high water.

Photos are by Mike Sturk.

Cows and calves are coaxed into a cattle liner at the Longson ranch southwest of High River, Alta. | Mike Sturk photo

A border collie fights the strong current but eventually crosses downstream of the main crossing. | Mike Sturk photo


Parker Armstrong rides his horse to the temporary corral. | Mike Sturk photo


Reid Snodgrass leads a mule packed with blocks of salt for the cattle. | Mike Sturk photo

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