It’s green but works on red, blue and yellow machines

Simple low-cost autosteer with practical installation makes use of Deere’s technology but is a fit for many older machines

Most farmers want autosteer on older machines and newer machines that didn’t come with OEM autosteer. The challenge is which aftermarket system. There are many from which to choose.

Now there’s one more, and it’s green. Deere says their new AutoTrac Controller 300 expands automated steering to more ag machines, making autosteer easier and less expensive. The suggested list price for the controller and valve kit ranges from US$3,300 to $4,100 depending on the existing steering valve.

The AutoTrac Controller 300 can be adapted to different brands, types and ages of ag machines as long as they have single point hydraulic steering from a single source. It can be used on cabbed or open-station ag machines with front- or rear-wheel steering and is compatible with both open and closed-centre hydraulic systems. The kit works with a variety of non-guidance machines including utility and row-crop tractors in 2WD, 4WD and articulated configurations.

The 300 kit is dealer-installed and easy to setup, calibrate and maintain with no modifications needed to the original steering wheel or operator area. It uses proven hydraulic and electrical components that provide quick guidance line acquisition with the function of a fully integrated system. The 300 plumbs into the existing hydraulic steering lines, so the result is a near integrated AutoTrac experience. In most cases, it provides a consistent precision display across a farmer’s entire machine fleet.

Other kits tend to take two forms. Either replacing the existing OEM steering wheel or mechanically turning the steering wheel, said Deere’s John Mishler.

“They include all the parts, pieces, components, hoses and fittings on a model-by- model, make-by-make basis. Building and stocking a number of model-specific kits can be expensive,” explains Mishler.

“This kit is different in that it only includes the controller and a valve your dealership technicians install. Our dealerships already stock hydraulic hoses and couplings. Not including them in the kit helps control costs and leverages the existing parts inventory and technician’s talent.

“Deere was one of the first entrants in the automated steering aftermarket with our AutoTrac. We have integrated AutoTrac into more of our large ag machines to the point that it’s included in all new tractors, sprayers and combines equipped with 4600 CommandCenter Display.”

Mishler says any farmer can now add guidance to their machines without having to trade vehicles. And they can add it to non-Deere machines. Deere plans to expand compatibility to include more machines. The 300 integrates with a John Deere precision ag display and StarFire receiver for a complete guidance system. AutoTrac Controller 300 is available to order now.

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