Nuseed works with ADM on omega 3 canola plant

The company will contract with growers in Montana and North Dakota and use the finished product as fish food

Nuseed and Archer Daniels Midland have entered into a partnership for crushing and processing Nuseed’s proprietary omega 3 canola in the United States.

“Nuseed has certain expertise with plants, plant breeding and production, and ADM are an excellent partner to complete a large piece of the supply chain,” said Clint Munro of Nuseed.

He said ADM has the expertise and infrastructure to processes canola and maintain its product integrity

Nuseed is the leading producer of canola planting seed in Australia and has other global businesses, including sunflower planting seed in North America, Europe and South America, a sorghum business in the United States and a recently purchased carinata business in South America that will supply biofuel to European markets.

Munro said omega-3 canola oil is needed by the aquaculture industry as a feed ration, which is a new use for canola.

“It’s a new end-market, so it’s bringing new demand for the canola industry. In addition to being an identity preserved crop, it provides the opportunity for a value added crop along the supply chain, including for the producer,” Munro said.

“Approximately 500,000 tonnes of fish oil is consumed regularly from the aquaculture industry, so we’re scaling up commercial production substantially each year for that market.”

Aquaterra is the brand name for Nuseed’s omega 3 canola oil, which it sells to the aquaculture industry.

“People are looking for sustainable alternative sources of omega 3 to reduce the pressure on wild fish stocks, which is the most common supplier of omega 3,” Munro said.

He said Nuseed is partnering with growers in Montana and North Dakota to contract production and plans to expand to other countries, including Canada, once it achieves regulatory approval.

“Our intention is to expand into Canada in the future, all regulator applications have been submitted and are being advanced as efficiently as possible,” Munro said.

He said Nuseed uses excellence through stewardship (ETS) guidelines to certify growers have stewardship programs and quality management systems in place.​​

“That provides our partners in the industry the confidence in our trait stewardship protocols. Specifically on the farm, it’s about the isolation distance we have in the contract, and really just overall farm management similar (to what) they would have with other specialty canola,” Munro said.

ETS also provides checklists to ensure machinery is cleaned out and storage bins have seals on them to ensure product integrity is maintained throughout the supply chain.

Munro said the original gene technology for Nuseed’s omega 3 canola was developed in Australia, but variety trials have been conducted in North America.

“With commodity canola and omega 4 canola, having some Australian background there is very good blackleg resistance in the genetics,” Munro said.

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