Nokian introduces new technology for ag tires

The Nokian Tyre company is introducing two new tires to Canada.

The Ground King is a multi-use tire for road and field. The Tractor King is for heavy-duty field work.

A multi-use implement can create a good financial return if it finds a variety of different uses. A mid-range tractor, for example, can be kept busy doing all sorts of field work, yard work and road hauling.

Ground King — The high load-bearing Ground King tire brings new opportunities by combining on-road endurance with traction and grip on soft terrain. With its Hybrilug technology, the Nokian Ground King tire offers field and road versatility, says Toni Silfverberg, head of sales at Nokian.

“Breaking the pattern is the best way to describe the most distinguishing feature of the Ground King. The tire has a whole new type of tread pattern. Combining the best features of lug patterns and block-type patterns, it actually looks like a lug pattern shape that’s divided into blocks. It also breaks the old pattern of compromising either field properties or highway comfort and endurance.”

Tractor King — With the increase in machine weights, horsepower and road speeds comes the need for a fresh new design. This new tire is intended for the heaviest machinery working in the most difficult terrain. Tractor King combines the strength of an earth-moving tire with a new lug pattern.

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