Letters to the editor – April 30, 2020

Climate change comments unscientific

As a long-time subscriber to The Western Producer, I was dismayed to read a column by Kevin Hursh in the April 16, 2020, paper.

I respect Kevin’s work and his opinions, but in this article, he suggests climate change is a farce. He states that scientists in the 1970s said we would all be burned or underwater by now. Hursh should watch the news. Many parts of the world, including some in Canada, have been burned or flooded.

My recollection is that scientists said that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were increasing. This trend was having a greenhouse effect. Unless we reduced our fossil fuel consumption, temperatures and oceans would rise and weather would become more extreme.

Unfortunately, scientists were right. Incidents of severe weather —fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes and drought — are increasing. Saskatchewan is not exempt. A recent article in the Producer clearly documented temperature change in Saskatoon.

Recently 11,000 scientists, including 400 from Canada, signed a letter stating that the world has 10 years to drastically reduce the consumption of fossil fuels to prevent climate disaster. Suggesting that we have decades to transition from oil is naïve and dangerous.

I am disappointed that the Producer would publish such unscientific material. It is one thing to sit in a coffee shop or post on Facebook purporting to be smarter than all the scientists in the world. The same is not acceptable from a journalist in a serious respected publication.

It is true that the current pandemic is reducing emissions, but drastic action will be needed to prevent huge increases in emissions that will result from $20 a barrel oil.

Darrel Cunningham,

Lintlaw, Sask.


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