Letters to the editor – April 23, 2020

BRM programs not working

AgriStability has been reduced to the point of being of very little benefit to most producers. Many have dropped out.

You reduced AgriInvest to $10,000 per year — we can fill a fuel tank once with those kinds of funds — and Saskatchewan Crop Insurance is a complete joke and failure. 

When are you going to stop talking and start taking some action on this matter? Many producers might be putting in their last crop if there isn’t an immediate cash injection. 

The $5 billion COVID-19 program is more debt, the last thing producers need, but for many of us it’s the only way to get this year’s crop in. We are working on last year’s debt, how are we going to repay that and this year’s? It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to crunch these numbers.

I see where (Agriculture) Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has suggested an immediate federal injection of five percent of 2018 allowable net sales to AgriInvest as the quickest way to get money into farmers hands.

Let’s get it done.

Deb Smith
Kindersley, Sask.


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