Michelin introduces three new agricultural tires

Michelin’s ag portfolio grew last month with the introduction of the VF SprayBib in three sizes, the VF FloatXBib plus radial airless skid-steer tires in two sizes and two treads.

The SprayBibVF is a very high flexion tire for high-clearance sprayers. It’s designed to strike a balance between a narrow tire to avoid crop damage and a flotation tire to minimize compaction. The new casing architecture offers the advantages of Michelin Ultraflex technology, providing longer life and exceptional loading capacity

In the field, SprayBib is said to have improved stubble resistance and a longer footprint for reduced soil rutting. In transit, the reinforced tread design provides improved comfort at speeds up to 40 m.p.h.

SprayBib is available in three sizes: VF 320/90R54, VF 320/90R50 and VF 380/80R38.

Michelin introduced the FloatXBib last month. This tire is designed for self-propelled spreaders with a high load capacity. It’s available as an IF 1000/55 R32 CFO.

This is Michelin’s first IF increased flexion CFO flotation tire.

An IF tire has the same rolling circumference as the industry-standard radial tire, but it can handle the same weight at up to 20 percent less air pressure or allow for 20 percent more load at the same pressure.

The FloatXBib has an innovative tread design to protect against soil compaction, reduce plant damage and provide comfort on the road. It features rounded shoulders for vegetation protection, improved stubble resistance, doubled and reinforced shoulder lugs for improved contact patch and a reinforced central area with special lug design for comfort and speeds up to 40 mph.

The new Michelin FloatXBib tire is for self-propelled spreaders with a high load capacity. It’s available in the IF 1000/55 R32 CFO size. This is Michelin’s first increased flexion tire for floaters. | Michelin photo

The new casing architecture employs Michelin’s Ultraflex technology for greater wear resistance.

The innovative rubber compound reduces heat buildup, allowing greater speed, according to Michelin tire specialist David Graden.

“Producers often need to work in less than optimal conditions. Even when fields are wet and muddy, they still expect the tires to provide the lowest compaction and best flotation. Yet on the road, they want speed, endurance and comfort,” said Graden.

“The FloatXBib tire balances those demands, providing the highest in-field load capacity and the best speed index on the road.”

Every farm has at least one skid-steer loader. That means that every farmer has been forced to interrupt his work schedule to fix a flat or ripped up tire.

The solution started appearing about 15 years ago in the form of airless tires. Each new generation of airless skid-steer tires makes significant improvements over the previous generation. Keeping up with the improvement trends is difficult because the tires last so long.

Michelin has complicated the race to keep up with the latest tech trend by introducing two new airless skid-steer loader tires. They are the second generation Michelin X Tweel SSL 2 all terrain and the HST 12N16.5.

The new Michelin X TWEEL SSL 2 airless radial tire is a single unit, replacing the conventional tire-wheel-valve assembly. There’s no need for wheel-tire mounting equipment and there’s no air pressure to maintain. | John Deere photo

The X Tweel SSL 2 all terrain is designed for use on loaders that work on a wide range of surfaces. This radial is one single unit that replaces the conventional tire-wheel-valve assembly. There is no need for wheel-tire mounting equipment and once the unit is bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain.

The X Tweel SSL 2 is available with an all-terrain or a hard surface tread.

The new tire has stronger shear beam construction engineered to increase core life. The new spoke material provides up to 10 times greater spoke life compared to the previous generation. The new interlocked hub design is stronger.

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