Pantera sprayers include flexible application

Nozzles are selectable or can be grouped on the fly automatically, including features such as turn compensation

The nozzle body on the Amazone Pantera 4503 self-propelled sprayer automatically switches between four nozzles, to ensure produce is applied uniformly even around tight turns.

Pulse width modulation allows turn compensation in competing sprayers, but this technology is limited when product is applied through one nozzle.

John Deere’s ExactApply can spray with two nozzles in the same nozzle body, but they spray with one nozzle on at a time or both nozzles on at the same time, and the nozzle bodies have to be set in the same configuration across the boom.

The Amazone AmaSelect nozzle body has more options in terms of which nozzles are activated, and each nozzle body across the boom can be individually controlled.

For instance, when spraying around a tight turn, a larger nozzle can be activated on the outside while a smaller nozzle will be used on the inside of the boom.

Operators can also spray using multiple nozzles at a time, and the system automatically changes the nozzles being used as the sprayer changes speed or turns.

Operators can easily input parameters from the cab for how they want the nozzle body to perform.

“You have to tell it one time into the terminal. You have to tell it I have this nozzle body, I have this nozzle on, then say I want to have three and four together, or two and three, or whatever you want to have,” said Julius Dallmeyer of Amazone.

“We have a continuous circulation system, and then also the hose diameter decreases to have the same pressure in every line, also to the outside.”

Dallmeyer took the new 4503 on a tour through Western Canada in October, to showcase its new features.

He said Amazone’s new ContourControl boom control, an option on the 4503 for booms up to 40 metres, allow boom tips to angle below the horizontal to help maintain the correct distance to the target.

A feature on the boom called SwingStop manages the boom’s horizontal movement.

Both ContourControl and SwingStop are hydraulically powered and are able to quickly respond to uneven terrain to keep the boom straight and level.

Amazone’s Super-L2 and Super-L3 booms have the new Flex-fold system, which the company said makes the folding procedure 40 percent quicker compared to previous booms.

The sprayer’s agitator control regulates the agitation intensity depending on how full the tank is, and there is an automatic cleaning cycle that can be controlled from the cab.

There is a Comfort-Pack 1 option for the 4503, which has a remote-controlled liquid-flow circuit feature.

When the Pantera is equipped with the Comfort-Pack 2 an additional fresh water pump is included, which enables continuous internal cleaning and allows the spray and freshwater tanks to be filled with the same hose.

Amazone Pantera 4503 comes with a supercharged 218 horsepower inline six-cylinder Deutz engine, which meets the European Union’s Stage five emissions standards.

The engine recirculates exhaust gas with a diesel oxidation catalyst, a diesel particle filter, as well as selective catalytic reduction with assistance from DEF injection.

Amazone is collaborating on advanced weed recognition technologies, which can be integrated into the Pantera 4503 once it’s commercially available in North America. For instance, a system it’s developing will have a drone fly a field to identify weeds, and then the sprayer will follow and use the imagery from the drone and only apply chemical where weeds were detected.

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