Tighter packing equals better silage

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — The tighter you pack your silage, the longer it will last and preserve its quality. It all comes down to squeezing out as much air as possible.

A dedicated roller behind the packer tractor squeezes out more air and packs the silage tighter, according to Zuidervaart Agri-Import in Mitchell, Ont. Zuidervaart was at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in September to promote its Ceres Max Pack silage roller.

Max Pack is a big yellow 32 inch diameter drum that is filled with water to bring it up to packing weight.

Company rep Andrew Roosendaal said the four-inch high fins provide a raking action that helps level silage. Bump wheels at the corners let the machine work right up against bunker walls without damaging the concrete or the machine.

A unique feature of Max Pack is the side shift cylinder that lets the tractor driver shift the roller up to three feet left or right, Roosendaal said. This lets the operator pack safely along the bunker walls and up on the edges of piles. It also means the operator can do a better job of squeezing those edges.

The small Max Pack is 10 feet wide and weighs 8,250 pounds when filled with water. The largest model is 13 feet wide and weighs 10,000 lb. when filled. Internal anti-slosh baffles keep the drum stable going up and down the pile.

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