Fast flowing floater feeds fertilizer

Decatur, Ill. — With the capacity to spread more than 850 pounds per acre at 10 m.p.h., the new RoGator AirMax pneumatic fertilizer spreader provides another option for Canadian growers to “send it.”

“Before, 500 lb. was maybe the top end of that limit. This has really opened up the capacity of this machine,” said David Fickel of Agco Corp.

“It’s all new for us in 2019. We developed this box in-house.”

At the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, Agco had its new R1/R2 fertilizer spreaders mounted on the RoGator 1300C chassis.

“The neat thing about these booms is that they are modular,” Fickel said.

“So if there is damage done to the boom you don’t have to replace the whole wing. You can actually take pieces and parts off the boom away and replace those parts.”

The new 70-foot booms are composed of 304 stainless steel, and increase field coverage by more than 17 percent over the previous 60-foot booms on earlier models.

He said the booms have greater accuracy, especially in hilly or windy conditions or in tall crops like corn, compared to a spinner spreader.

The R1 has a single bin with 235 cubic foot capacity.

The R2 has two bins with a total of 215 cubic foot capacity that be split either 50-50 or 60-40.

The control system also allows for low rates, as low as 20 lb. per acre, as well as turn compensation.

“If you maybe want to put a cover crop on with this machine, and blend it with maybe some nutrients or other products, you can,” Fickel said.

“What allows us to do that is we’ve gone to a hydraulic motor drive system for the conveyors. So that gives us a lot of adjustability as far as the speeds that we can bring product out.”

Chains are used for the conveyer to pull product towards the distribution manifolds that feeds the channels where product is then blown through tubes in the boom.

The spreader box can be controlled by either the Agco AgControl, or Raven rate-control software.

There are two ports. One is accessible by the cab door, while operators can get at the other port by using the sliding ladder at the back of the machine when they need to do a density check.

The AirMax Precision box spreader has a spread sense system produced by Intelligent Ag Solutions.

“It’s a blockage monitor. We can tell if one of these ports or tubes are plugged up. That will register up in the cab on a monitor,” Fickel said.

The 1300C chassis is powered by a 339 horsepower Agco engine, and Fickel said by changing the tires the unit’s operating range can be dramatically increased.

“We can run these 380 tires on this machine in the spring, pre-plant. We can come in post emerge to do some top dressing with it. We can put a drop kit or a drop hose kit on this boom and run that,” he said.

Then in the fall or late summer we can come in and spread heavier rates on with wider tires. We can put maybe a 650 float tire on this machine.”

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