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A couple of times a year, we publish our top-10 list of stories that are popular with readers online. It’s always interesting to see the medley of information that readers seek, and it helps us at The Western Producer ensure we’re on target with our editorial content.

For the first half of 2019, here are the top 10 most popular stories.

  •  Calculating the cost of a carbon tax. In April, Saskatchewan’s farm organizations concluded the federal carbon tax would cost producers $2 an acre in 2019, rising to $3.85 an acre in 2022.
  • Cardlock fuel wins carbon tax exemption. In March, the federal budget announced that cardlocks would be exempt from the carbon tax.
  • In January, Health Canada released its review of objections to its conclusion that glyphosate is safe when used properly. The conclusion did not change.
  • Deere’s new electric tractor tosses the battery. In February, our Europe based correspondent, Chris McCullough, explained that Deere had introduced an electric cable powered tractor with 400 horsepower.
  • Alberta rancher defies history to run for NDP. In April, we profiled southern Alberta rancher Cam Gardner, who ran for the NDP in the provincial election. He placed second.
  • No Chinese restriction on Canadian wheat, peas or flax imports. In March, we published a story clarifying what was — or rather what was not — on China’s hit list in the current trade dispute.
  • Saskatchewan farmer leads class-action glyphosate lawsuit. In May, a Moose Jaw area farmer who was diagnosed with cancer five years earlier led a class action suit against Bayer and Monsanto.
  • Three hundred cattle seized from Sask. farm. In February, the Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan seized the animals. Owner Warren Russell said he had not been charged.
  • Two bulls hit the price stratosphere. In April, Stefon and Rebecca Beechinor of Bentley, Alta., and partner JNR Farms of Willingdon, Alta., sold a 15-month-old full-blooded Simmental bull for $275,000 to Christel and Steve Humbke and Ken and Carol Warkentin of Starwest Farms.
  • New Versatile-Kubota tractor now in production. In April, we profiled a new tractor to be jointly built by the two companies.


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