Spanish farmers furious as released bear kills sheep

Farmers in Spain are on the lookout for a bear that killed eight sheep earlier this spring after it was released through a government program in neighbouring France.

Talks were held between the French and Spanish governments after the female brown bear crossed the border into Spain and went on a killing spree.

Back in October 2018, France released two brown bears in the Pyrenees in a programme to reintroduce animals to the region.

However, one of the bears called Claverina found its way across the border into Navarre province in northern Spain.

Farmers there are furious after finding eight sheep killed by the bear and have been forced to install tracking devices on their animals.

Slovenia has been helping France with the program to reintroduce the bears to the Pyrenees after bear numbers there fell due to hunting.

Both adult bears have tracking devices but Spain says it does not have access to the information.

Spanish officials want France to share the keys to the trackers so that Navarre shepherds can follow the bears’ movements to help protect their animals.

Both governments agreed to speed up the exchange of information on following the bears and their activities.

They also announced an increase in preventive measures to help farmers protect sheep.

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