Norwegian health minister encourages meat eating

Norway’s new health minister has said people should be allowed to eat as much red meat as they want.

Sylvi Listhaug implied that Norwegians shouldn’t be told what to do when it comes to health.

She made the comments during an interview conducted by Norwegian broadcaster NRK who noticed Listhaug was eating red meat.

“My starting point for this with public health is very simple” the minister said. “I do not plan to be the moral police, and will not tell people how to live their lives, but I intend to help people get information that forms the basis for making choices.

“People should be allowed to smoke, drink and eat as much red meat as they want. The authorities may like to inform, but people know pretty much what is healthy and what is not healthy, I think.”

Before taking on the role of health minister Listhaug was previously the minister of agriculture and food.

Critics have said she has little understanding of public health.

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