India, Africa may lead boom in potential global pork growth

With all the talk in North America about Beyond Meat burgers and veganism, it’s easy to forget that the world hunger for meat is growing.

Jim Long of leading swine genetics company Genesus thinks pork is going to remain king of the meats as the world grows hungrier for protein.

“Pork is the number one choice, and I see no change to that,” Long told the recent Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference.

“I think pork will sustain its leadership.”

Pork is the most popular meat in China, but much of its herd is being destroyed by African swine fever, from which it will take years to recover.

However, Long said Chinese producers are keen to expand, and other markets have barely begun to develop the per capita taste for meat that advanced countries demonstrate.

India consumes little pork now, but Long said the Hindu population is willing to eat pork. In China per capita consumption of pork has gone from about nine pounds per person to 85 lb., so if the Indians develop a taste for pork, great growth is possible.

As well, Africa has a growing, young population that, as it gets wealthier, will probably want more meat.

“Our company is targeting Asia and Africa for our growth,” said Long.

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