Ginseng not in trouble as claimed

WINNIPEG – There was a belief that China had halted its ginseng imports from Canada, but a spokesperson from Ginseng Ontario said otherwise.

Rebecca Coates, executive director for Ginseng Ontario, stated China is only one of many export destinations for Canadian-grown ginseng, and other major buyers include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Europe.

An official from another farm advocacy group suggested that China stopped its ginseng imports from Canada.

“Our crop harvested from 2018 has sold and we await a plentiful harvest this fall,” Coates said.

Nearly the entire ginseng crop grown in Canada is from southwestern Ontario and that ginseng values have varied from year to year as supply and demand has changed, she said.

The wet conditions in southwestern Ontario have resulted in high levels of inoculum of Phytophthora, according a report from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Ginseng is susceptible to “sporangia of the fungus, which are pouches full of swimming zoospores,” the report said. If the spores are washed from the leaves, that can infect the roots.

A spokesperson for the ministry said ginseng contributed approximately C$152 million to Ontario farm cash receipts in 2018. There are about 9,800 ginseng growers in the province, who grow almost 2,500 tonnes annually, according to 2016 Census of Agriculture.

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