Ravage saves time by rapidly ripping, devouring bales

BRANDON — Efficiency in the feedlot is important, especially when you’re processing a lot of bales daily, the wind is howling and the temperature is -30C. Time management takes on new meaning.

Time management and efficiency were foremost in the minds of engineers at Elmer’s Manufacturing as they designed the new Ravage Bale Processor, says Jared Barnabe of Elmer’s. “We’re getting good feedback from customers so far. A recent comment from a producer is they could do four square bales in 42 seconds compared to the competition, which takes a couple of minutes,” she said.

“For producers who handle a lot of bales daily, that’s a significant time savings. Pair that with Ravage’s ability to hold three square bales at once, reducing the need to stop to load more bales, these producers can get their job done much quicker.

“The primary design advantage to the Ravage is the way it processes square bales. With the square bale feeding into the beater bar from the end, it can process bales very quickly, evenly and efficiently. Ravage also handles round bales.”

Barnabe said the live floor gives the operator full control of how to feed the bale. It also offers the ability to move a bale out of the way to get a visual for getting the second one on the forks. The Ravage can spread and bunk round or square bales with an adjustable upper beater to adapt to different bale sizes and help restrict how quickly the bale feeds. The discharge door is spring loaded to remove un-needed bales. There’s a directional chute for discharge control when spreading or bunking.

“The Ravage was built off direct feedback from farmers who felt like the current offerings were not meeting their expectations,” Barnabe said.

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