CGC considers new grading

The Canadian Grain Commission has launched a formal consultation to determine whether falling number and deoxynivalenol should be adopted as official grain grading factors in Canada.

The 60-day consultation period began March 11 and will continue until May 10.

Stakeholders can register their comments online, via email or through written submission to the CGC.

A full discussion document is available online at

CGC spokesperson Remi Gosselin said a decision on whether to adopt DON and falling number as grading factors likely won’t take place until 2020.

Implementation would not occur until the 2020-21 crop year at the earliest, he added.

“We’re really not sure where this is going at this point,” he said.

“The idea is to have a discussion and to gather feedback from our stakeholders and to facilitate a discussion on if and how these measurements could be reflected in the grain grading system.”

Falling number and DON are currently not used official grading factors in Canada’s statutory grading system.

However, they are commonly used in commercial grain contracts and can influence the price that producers receive for their grain.

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