Plow stays centred, reduces fuel use, wear and tear

Hydraulic control on new Lemken Diamant 16 plow keeps plow torque line laterally behind tractor and in the groove

The new Lemken Diamant 16 plow is engineered with an OptiLine system that prevents lateral pull while in-furrow plowing.

The unique system will reduce fuel consumption, machinery wear and operator stress.

Lemken says OptiLine can yield a 10 percent saving in fuel consumption, depending on the type of tractor tire used and soil conditions. The system reduces operator fatigue by eliminating the need to continually counter-steer the machine to correct side forces.

In a news release, Lemken says Diamant 16 is the first and only plow of its kind to shift the tractor-plow traction line toward the centre of the tractor’s rear axle. The system uses pressure-controlled cylinders to transfer additional torque to the tractor.

The system not only shifts weight from the plow forward to the rear tractor axle, it also shifts weight from the front tractor axle back to the rear tractor axle. This reduces pressure at the headlands for added fuel savings and improved tire wear.

The machine has a continuously variable hydraulic depth system that allows operators to adjust working depth from the tractor cab. A hydromatic overload protection system serves as a shock absorber to ensures disruption-free plowing in stony soil conditions.

The onland version allows the plow to by pulled by tractors with an external width of up to four meters ensuring the wheels always maintain a sufficient distance from the furrow edges. Diamant 16 will be available with up to nine furrows.

Sensors keep the plow on track, taking the load off the tractor. | Lemken photo

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