Sask. to require land users to ask permission

Saskatchewan has introduced legislation that will require hunters, snowmobilers and others who want to access private land to ask permission first.

Amendments to the Trespass to Property Act, the Snowmobile Act and the Wildlife Act, 1998, are required to make the change.

Justice Minister Don Morgan said the government listened to concerns that the current laws unfairly place the onus on rural landowners to post their land.

The government said better communication will ensure landowners and those who occupy land are aware of who is using that land.

The new laws will provide legal protection to landowners against property damage and the risk of biosecurity problems, and limits their liability.


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  • Monkeeworks

    Now we need a law. Not long ago, (70 today is not far from 16 yesterday), it was just common courtesy to ask permission to access private land. I was told where the deer were, how to get there and to please stay out of certain areas. I even had land owners come out and help haul out my deer with their front end loader. They always got a prime roast in return. I suppose back then there were fewer people and we respected other peoples rights. Today I see a large, no, huge, increase in population across Canada and the people today think it is unfair that some people have land and they don’t. In fact, they feel it is unfair for anyone to have what they don’t. ‘They’ have no intention of working, saving and buying land, or whatever they would like. They feel entitled to it. I guess the “you can be whatever you want to be” and “there are no losers, everyone is a winner” didn’t work out to well.

    I don’t feel I owe anyone a single thing that I have worked for. There is nothing stopping people today from working and saving and buying what they want. Prices? Think $500 an acre back then was cheap when I was earning $8,000 a year gross and raising a family? Property today is cheap in comparison.


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