CWD found in new area of Sask.

Chronic wasting disease has been discovered south of Melfort, Sask., marking a new area of the province for the disease.

The province said a three-and-a-half year-old bull elk submitted as part of the voluntary CWD surveillance program tested positive.

It was found in wildlife management zone 42E.

CWD has now been confirmed in 45 of the 83 management zones in Saskatchewan.

Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said the participation of hunters in the surveillance program is critical.

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“The information collected through the submission of heads is vital to understanding how the disease is impacting wildlife populations in the province and efforts that can be taken to slow the spread of the disease,” he said in a news release.

The fatal nervous system disease that affects deer, elk, moose and caribou was first discovered in 2000. Research has found that CWD is affecting the survival and population of mule deer.

Although the disease hasn’t been found in humans, hunters are advised not to consume the meat from animals that test positive.

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  • 18wheel

    Can’t help but wonder how long until it mutates and gets into the coyote population or some similar scenario.

    • Clare Ormerod

      Don’t worry there will be something that will be killing off any Wildlife that can sustain humans, in the event of food shortages…power going out… it’s all being planned and executed with man-made weather events using HAARP and chemtrail, as well as feeding us North Americans unknowingly for decades the GMO poisons as well as fluoridating our water supplies and of course Cushing vaccines on every one. I encourage everyone to research United Nations document Agenda 21 depopulation. Trudeau was put in place to act as a puppet for the elite of the New World Order plain and simple. Stock up on food and water and Heat everyone.

  • Monkeeworks

    Sask. says don’t eat the meat if it tests positive for CWD. BC says it is free of CWD, so far. I don’t know of any tests the BC government does or if it is free. Being BC, probably no tests and not free. Internet uTube videos have biologists that study CWD from the USA. Their advice is the meat is safe to eat if the animal appears and moves healthy, just don’t harvest a sick animal, special butchering should be done if the game is from a suspect area. That is, don’t shoot the spine, or cut any bones on purpose, do not sever the back bone anywhere when butchering. Debone all meat. The disease is not transferable to humans, YET. That’s why the cautions on eating the meat. Diseases have a way of mutating to other species. Wastes should not be left in the field.

  • Clare Ormerod

    I would bet everything that there are ingredients in the geoengineering / chemtrail sprays that are deliberately sickening Wildlife. They are deliberately poisoning humans for the UN AGENDA 21 depopulation process. Open your eyes people…the econ economy will first crash then there will be some major environmental catastrophe and then FEMA will have to come in and we will all be shuffled off into mega cities. When the power gets shut off and there is no food supply, they do not want us living off land and animals. People better research this. Check out the documentary called Franken skies as well as research why vaccines are being pushed there on everyone as well as fluoridated water here in North America and GMOs and of course the nail in the coffin 5G. The government should be tried with murder and genocide, those that are annoying accomplices!


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