Conveyor trailer unloads 4,000 pounds per minute

This aluminum Agrilite trailer reduces producers’ fill time by 300 percent, thanks to its 10-foot conveyor reach

CORRECTION – 1300 CST November 8, 2018 – This story originally stated the conveyor trailer was capable of unloading 4,000 bushels per minute. The correct rate is 4,000 pounds per minute.

FARGO, N.D. — They named the show Big Iron, with special emphasis on “iron,” but there’s always some aluminum and stainless steel that sneaks in through the back gate, especially grain trailers.

Wilson was there to show off the latest upgrade to its aluminum Agrilite trailer with an aluminum conveyor.

Numbers are critical when pondering the purchase of a new trailer. It’s the numbers that measure productivity and real value to the farmer. If it’s shiny but doesn’t contribute to your bottom line, keep your cheque book in your pocket.

The Agrilite Conveyor installed on a Wilson Pacesetter unloads 4,000 pounds per minute, reducing fill times by 300 percent over non-conveyor systems.

Much of the increased productivity comes from the fact that a 10-foot side-to-side spout swing reduces the need to re-position the rig. Parking the trailer just once for a complete unload will keep field operations running smoothly, spring or fall.

This side-to-side factor, along with the 15-foot clearance from spout to ground, has been designed to get the trailer back to work with the quickest possible turnaround time.

The new conveyor has 18 inches of clearance at the hoppers and the spout has been enlarged to 12 inches for better flow. It’s controlled by a handheld remote. When hauling seed or fertilizer, the conveyor folds over and locks into the transit position.

When it’s time for straight grain hauling— and the conveyor isn’t needed — it can be removed in less than an hour thanks to the new ramp and winch system. In the straight hauling mode, with the conveyor gone, the rear door securely latches into place. The conveyor has quick change bearings to keep the unit running with a minimum of down time.

The Pacesetter itself is available in lengths from 36 feet up to 48 feet as a tandem. Sidewalls are either 72 or 78 inches. The trailer is normally built with four compartments, but six compartments are available on the tridem units.

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