Dear Mr. President

Yes, Mr. President, you won. Just like you said you would. America is a better place, again, now that you have wiped out the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Good, hard-working American dairy farmers are saved from those evil, socialist Canadian farmers, their communist masters and international globalism in trade is thwarted with the new version of the NAFTA that you have renamed, much more appropriately, the United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

And Canadian dairy was the sticking point, right? If American farmers had access to Canadian markets in a fair manner then the over-production of milk in the lower-48 wouldn’t have happened?

Luckily your new agreement solves the tragic issue of American wines being discriminated against in British Columbia grocery stores. By November of next year USMCA will stop the situation where B.C. products are allowed to be purchased from the regular shelving areas and American wine must be found along with all other imported vino. Now America wine can be sold with B.C. products. Customers will still have to look for Ontario products in the imports sections.

I am sure the USMCA victories you are bragging about will pull American farmers up by their bootstraps.

After all, that three and half percent of Canadian dairy is pretty important to those folks back in Wisconsin. It would amount to about $228 million dollars, which is a lot money in an agricultural region like that. Why, I am sure it would add up to a little more than three percent of Wisconsin’s farmgate dairy receipts of $7.2 billion annually. Luckily your new Canadian windfall will be shared across your nation. I hope the $5,428 per dairy farm was worth all the trouble of winning against your largest two-way trading partner.

That win would have cost Canadian dairy farmers about $24,000 each, if, as a nation, we weren’t responsible for some of those losses.

But wait, I thought you had a change of heart about some globalism and were trying to get in on that Trans Pacific Partnership action you trashed during your election run-up, and later pulled out of.

When you join the TPP you will get a right-of-access to 3.25 percent of our dairy production, or would have, if not for the new USMCA. Heck, we might have thrown in some Class 7 milk for free.

Yours truly, your now less-friendly neighbour to the north, Mike.

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