New TerraGator C Series offers choices

It’s been 50 years since Gator was introduced, and it’s still going strong with new three-wheel and four-wheel models

The new Challenger TerraGator C floaters have come a long way since the first TerraGators roamed the Prairies a half-century ago. The Series C are still the technology leaders, according to Agco.

The C Series includes three new three-wheel models, the TG7300C, TG8300C and the TG9300C. The series also includes one new four-wheel model, the TG8400C, which provides better flotation and stability. An Agco news release says the new floaters consume eight percent less fuel than previous models.

Electrical connectors are now on the side of the chassis for easy access, so product systems can be switched quickly. All four machines can be equipped with any one of six dry application systems or with the new liquid system.

Booms on the new system have a wider inner-boom cross section and structural members, larger 1.75-inch boom pins, the boom tree is four-by-four tube construction and there’s enhanced mid-boom fold and tip breakaway structures.

They’re available in 80-foot and 60 to 80-foot fold-over options to cover 82.5 feet at 30-inch nozzle spacing and 85 feet with 60-inch nozzle spacing. The release says boom height is hydraulically adjustable and can be automatically controlled with Raven or NORAC systems. Independent left-right folding is a new feature. Both booms are in seven sections.

Loading is faster because the new eductor is 50 percent larger. Sump controls, remote throttle and other loading functions are controlled on the ground by a touch-button LCD screen with digital tank level display for quick and accurate load management. An optional product recovery system will empty the system plumbing, manifold and booms to prevent residue settling and tip plugging.

Growers can now pick between six different dry nutrient application systems available for the TerraGator C, beginning with two New Leader systems.

  • The New Leader NL4500 Edge boundary-spread capable and NL5000 section control capable, spinner-style crop nutrient applicators. Both are available in MultApplier-ready or MultApplier-complete to apply one, two or four products.
  • Agco pneumatic systems are used for high accuracy situation. The AirMax Precision is a single-bin system that features 70-foot booms with triple-overlap coverage.
  • The AirMax Precision 2 with available granular bin will apply two or three products at once and can vary application rates on the go.
  • The Soilection Twin Bin is an open, free-flowing two-bin system with a unique distributor head for more consistent application.
  • The Soilection Four Bin is the ultimate system for accurately blending fertilizers, nutrients and chemicals on the go to variably apply multiple products in a single pass.

TerraGator C features the same AccuTerminal found in the RoGator C Series row crop applicators. TerraGator C Series applicators rely on fully compatible Raven Viper 4+ technology and other Raven steering and data transfer products.

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