New wagons and carts debut at outdoor show

LANGHAM, Sask. — Demco brought its new line of two-wheel 22-series grain carts and smaller four-wheel SS-series grain wagons to the Ag In Motion outdoor farm show.

The 22-series carts feature a 20-inch horizontal mechanical drag in the bottom and a 22-inch unload auger capable of emptying the 1,330-bushel cart in less than two minutes, according to Demco rep Benji Vande Griend.

“The auger reaches forward to give you good visibility and also moves up and down. A lot of carts can’t do that,” says Griend.

“We have a hydraulic cylinder to give you up-down control. On the low end it’s 11-feet, eight-inches. On the high end, it’s 15-feet, seven-inches. Farmers tell us that’s significant if you have different size trailers or you need to run the auger close on a windy day.

“We’ve kept the low side very low at 11 feet, the side you load the combine into, so you have good clearance and it’s easier if you’re working in hilly fields. The high side is 12 feet,” he said while showing off the new gear at the July 17-19 show near Saskatoon.

The new carts have a power take-off driven drive train, which replaces the pulley and belt system. A five-point scale system is standard. Minimum tractor requirement is 275 horsepower.

The Demco grain cart remains relatively narrow, at 12-feet, two-inches wide. | Ron Lyseng photo

Griend says Demco is concerned about safety, so it has kept the 22-series very narrow at 12-feet, two-inches. And all the decals are reflective so the wagons and carts reflect the lights of other implements and trucks. All its equipment has LED lights.

On the question of brakes on grain carts Griend said, “grain carts today don’t have brakes because they’re not authorized to run loaded down the road. You should be empty when running down the road. In the field, your speed is much lower. There are still some guys who will pull a fully loaded cart down the road, but they’re taking a risk in terms of damage to the wheels, tires, hubs and the whole cart.

“There’s a lot of conversation happening right now in the industry that brakes will be coming on big equipment like grain carts. Some of our gravity flow wagons are built with brakes.”

According to the Demco website: “Two-wheel brakes are standard on 450 and 550 model wagons. Four-wheel brakes are standard on the 650.”

The new SS-series wagons have been designated as stronger and safer. They range in capacity from 500 to 750 bushels. Interior bracing has been changed from previous wagons to reduce grain splattering. The 22-inch door wheel is adjustable to give the operator easy access from either side of the chute.

Prices on the new wagons and carts will not be available until Nov. 1.

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