A lot has happened in two years

How wonderful it was. The World Trade Organization had helped leverage a stop to American country-of-origin labelling. The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with the European Union was in the bag, so Europe was our oyster and the Trans-Pacific Partnership was set to deliver Canada as its biggest winner with both giving up only small ground for supply management. And the ink was just nicely dry on the Paris Accord on climate change.

Heck, the North American Free Trade Agreement was going to be antiquated as TPP set in. The American Democrats were about to put a woman president in the White House and likely take over the U.S. Senate and, for the first time in living memory, have a majority Democrat-appointed Supreme Court.

The Chinese economy was swinging back up, American and Canadian jobless rates were tanking and agriculture had just come off the best financial run modern history. Times were tighter on farms, but producers knew the score: those bubbles always have to burst.

That was 2016. What a difference a couple of years make.

At this moment the world has 23 multilateral trade agreements, three in the wings and 23 more proposed.

Our neighbor to the south pulled out of the first TPP and is making a lot of grunting noises about doing the same with NAFTA. Farmers there are going broke.

And, the leader of the most powerful country in the world is sitting down with the Russian president and praising him at a time when the Russians are being identified as interfering with the current and previous American elections.

In the same breaths, the American president is telling the world that the legitimate media are liars and “fake.”

The real media doesn’t exist to achieve the goals of a few unknown but all-powerful socialists bent on destroying capitalist desires within the working and professional classes.

The real scientists aren’t all being marshalled by giant corporations or a few unknown but all-powerful capitalists to destroy all that is healthy about small farms and traditionalist agriculture.

We, like you, are here to help feed the world and make it a better and more prosperous place for the many, not just a few.

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