Get to know your weight and then do something with it

Since coming to market with Libra Cart at the Farm Progress show in Regina in 2013, Agrimatics has steadily increased its market share with more than 4,000 units sold across Canada, United States and Australia.

Libra Cart is a grain cart weighing and data management system that uses hardware installed on the cart to connect to its scales. It communicates through Bluetooth to a tablet or smartphone that acts as a scale indicator.

“It automatically detects every unload on the grain cart and saves the information into the app — so the date, the time, the weight. It does field tracking as well — so which field it came off, which trucks it went into and where it ended up, including grain bin, grain bag, or elevator,” said Jasmine Brodziak of Agrimatics.

Users set up their fields and then all harvest data is automatically saved on the app.

There is also an optional cloud service that can store the data.

“Without the cloud service, the customer can email out their data and open it up in Excel and view their data that way. And we have a cloud service that provides automatic data backup, the free version, and we have a paid version that does backup, as well as data syncing in the field,” Brodziak said.

When data syncing is enabled, other users, including combine operators and farm managers, can monitor harvest production on their mobile devices in real-time.

There is also a feature in the app called remote mode.

“That allows anybody within about 400 feet (120 metres) to view the live weights on the grain cart and tare the weight, so you can calibrate the yield monitor in the combine,” Brodziak said.

Libra Cart is capable of integrating with other data management programs.

“The integrations are through the pro cloud service, so the customer needs at least one licence to be accessible to them. For example, with the John Deere program we bring in the list of a customer’s farm field so a customer doesn’t have to retype everything into their app,” Brodziak said.

She said Libra Cart is also capable of a two-way integration where data can flow both ways. For instance, Decisive Farming and Agri-Data can populate their programs with data from Libra Cart.

Libra Cart connects to all industry standard scales, and retails for US$1,900.

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