New radial for narrow applications

Kleber Tire, known in Europe for high quality farm machinery tires, is introducing a narrow radial for the North American market.

The Kleber Cropker is designed for small- and medium-capacity, self-propelled sprayers, towed equipment and tractors.

According to Kleber, the Cropker model is for crops or applications such as towed sprayers that require tires with a section width between nine and 12 inches. The design provides high levels of traction but maintains a self-cleaning tread pattern.

The Cropker is designed with a 40 mph, D-speed index and an exceptionally high -load capacity for a smaller tire design.

In 1951, the company was the first to produce integrated-tube, or tubeless, agricultural tires and released the first radial tractor tire in 1970. A Michelin brand since the early 1980s, the tires are expected to be mainly distributed in western North America, says Michelin.

In a free-rolling application, Cropker can carry greater loads compared to its predecessor the Kleber Super 3, which it replaces. It has a more robust casing, a new, massive shoulder configuration and a maximum-width tread for an optimized contact patch.

It also has a new lug pattern to improve steerability. The lug shape is designed to shed soil while operating in the field and to reduce tire slippage in soft and damp soil, often encountered in European conditions. The self-cleaning properties of the new generation tread pattern help keep the tire mud free in wet field conditions.

The Cropker is available in a range of sizes to support a range of loads, but the largest is a 300/95 R52.

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