India hikes chickpea duty again

WINNIPEG (CNS) — The Indian government has raised the import tariff for chickpeas from 40 percent to 60 percent. This is the second time India has raised the tariff.

Published in the Gazette of India on March 1, the government said the tariff is to be imposed immediately, due to circumstances that make it necessary to take immediate action.

On Feb. 28 Reuters published a story stating India’s cabinet had approved doubling state purchases of oilseeds and pulses from farmers, in a bid to boost local output and prevent distressed sales.

India originally placed a 30 percent tariff on imports of chickpeas and lentils on Dec. 21, which had followed a 50 percent tariff on pea imports on Nov. 8 — the maximum allowed under World Trade Organization rules. The chickpea duty was raised to 40 percent on Feb. 7.

The tariffs were placed in order to support Indian farmers who faced lower commodity prices following large world crops of pulses.

The Indian government has previously said it wants to reach self-sufficiency for pulses, but many analysts have said that isn’t possible as India relies on variable monsoon rains for its growing season.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited from Feb. 18 to 24, where he reached an agreement with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on fumigation issues that Canadian pulses had faced upon on import into the country. The release announcing the agreement didn’t mention import tariffs.

Last year Canada exported 10,000 tonnes of chickpeas to India, according to Statistics Canada.

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  • The Oatmeal Savage

    Great work, Trudeau! /s
    Is there anything else that dumb goober can screw up?

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      Ask, and ye shall receive.

    • altarainbow

      Probably. He still has more than a year and a half to go.

  • Lyle Nielsen

    Trudeau is a disaster

  • KD

    A total failure @JustinTrudeau on your latest family vacation. Your lack of integrity, cultural appropriateness, and ethics have led to #agriculture challenges with higher tariffs

    • Brian

      The duty is on all chickpea imports from all counties. This was happening regardless of Trudeau’s visit.

      • IAF101

        Who is India’s largest client for chickpeas? They know it, we know it and Trudeau knows it. No point making excuses.

        • Harold

          India is the largest consumer of pulse but they are also a large producer of pulse as well. The Tariff is necessary because the India government has given to their own farmers a guaranteed rate for pulse but participation has also led to a glut in their market for obvious reasons. This is why our Agriculture Minister didn’t go to India and party and vacation alongside the over the top attention deprived Justin Trudeau. As with any attention seeking drama teacher, you can dress up as “snow white” if you feel like being “snow white” and in essence he certainly displayed that while in India, but at the end of the day he is only an actor and his true self gained Canadians absolutely nothing of value and we as Canadians a little more embarrassed.

  • bufford54
    • IAF101

      You think he cares about chickpea farmers or Canadian trade ?? HA!

      He’s not begging India – he’s begging Sikh canadians for Votes!

  • Ken Coutts

    Looks like it’s time to find other customers but don’t send Justin 😂

  • IAF101

    With Trudeau at the helm – this news is wholly expected and unsurprising.

    How to lose friends and offend people by Justin Trudeau .

  • James Hunter

    If Canada sent Borat to India there would have been less controversy .Justin needs to man up and accept responsibility . Why should a Billion Dollar industry have to suffer because his Family vacation disguised as an Official Visit went off the rails .This era of selfies and Photo ops has finally caught up with him .I mean he had a Convicted attempted murderer Posing with his wife . This is i serious Security lapse what if an attempt was made on the life of the Indian Prime Minister.Who would he blame then .The more i think about it Justin fit for office ? A leader does not behind his staff !

    • Le Wiss

      Love Borat.

    • ed

      It sounds like India does not need our chickpeas too badly, which has jack to do with Trudeau, Mulroney, Harper or the rings around Uranus. What is important to note however is the forsight that India has when looking at imports, their own production and more importantly their food security and self sufficiency. When other nations turf cheap commodities into yours, it does undermine a nations drive for self sufficiency and the maintainence of ones sovereignty over your own food supply. Much tax payer dollars get burned up in that process as bulk commodity food corporations get filthy rich. This is actually happening in Canada today as well, as wheat from the heavily subsidized USA is brought up from there to drop our wheat price to all time lows adjusted for inflation. Wheat acres go down as fast as the price and tax payers are on the hook for lots of the fall out. This was all caused by the Harper government ditching the CWB which allowed the flow of wheat from south of our borders to drop our the price. We need tariffs too if you are going to so something as stupid as that but the same dumb farmers that praised Harper for destroying their incomes would condemn Trudeau for anything that would now make it better. Best to let that sleeping dog lie moving on to the next election. There really is no upside in it for the Liberals. They would be better pulling most of their candidates out of the no win situations to reduce the spending of resources on hopeless ridings in the West. Hats off to them however, because that would leave many, even if the minority in a political homeless situation and no one wants to create more homelessness. At least you would hope not.

      • Harold

        Apparently you believe that Harper set up Trudeau to fail but you do not believe that the previous government to Harper had set up Harper to fail. Do you think that Harper was fully running the show and that there was no silent entity forcing his hands? You believe that the globalists had no hand in it even though they own the Canadian corporations all made possible by Canada signing the NAFTA deal? Am I following you? Who was the Prime Minister of Canada when the NAFTA deal was signed? I think it was PC Brian Baloney and don’t quote me because I may have forgotten how to spell his last name. Liberal Pierre Eliot Trudeau and the Mexican President had no interest in the deal because it would have given Americans to much dominance but then an election took place and the PC’s signed the deal. The difference between P.E.Trudeau and Brian Baloney is that Pierre Trudeau was a Law professor and understood contracts and Brian Baloney a corporate with self-serving corporate interests he did not. At least Canada has a Liberal drama teacher now to help guide Canadians along the way or should I say peoplekind in all the feminism that I as a male can muster. I do think by knowing Pierre E Trudeau as I do that if he were still alive today he would be the one man and probably the first man to kick Justin squarely in the behind. That is what parents do to help their children when the child’s brains have fallen and are now resting just above their ass.

  • russ

    Really, who writes this dribble??? Fumigation non issue , because none are going there ???? The family vacation was a disaster for Western Canada , after accusations against Indias govt by Canadian Government , the tariffs were raised , you need to get up to speed , tell it like it is !

  • Crisel Canda

    a real businessman would have protected Canadian farmers—- every rule can be changed—he is terrible and extremely stupid—- good news retired prime ministers get $495,000 yr pension


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