Canadian track maker gives new life to old tracks

Farmers are used to having retreaded truck tires, but for farm equipment off the road that hasn’t been a common choice.

Canadian track maker Camso is putting new life into old tracks. After a pilot program last year, the Quebec company is making track replenishment an option for producers looking to get more years out of their big belts.

Martin Lunkenbein said producers can get their old tracks redone, saving the carcasses and adding new tread, or they can buy remanufactured tracks that someone else has shed.

The company is certifying the tracks’ performance as compared to new units, but at a fraction of the cost of new replacements.

He said the company knows that producers are often looking for ways to extend the operating lives of their machinery by amortizing their investments over larger acres and greater hours, and rebuilding tracks falls into that approach.

Lunkenbein said the tracks are available for all friction drive tractors in 18, 25, 27.5, 30 and 36 inch widths.

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