WTO rules against EU on anti-dumping duty on biofuel

BRUSSELS, Belgium (Reuters) — The World Trade Organization has ruled in favour of several challenges by Indonesia to anti-dumping duties imposed on its biodiesel exports to the European Union, saying the measures needed to be changed.

The ruling is the latest in a series of legal challenges to duties the EU set in 2013 on biodiesel imports from Indonesia and Argentina.

A WTO panel on the case, brought by Indonesia in 2014, said in a ruling made public on Jan. 25 that the EU needed to bring its measures into conformity with WTO agreements.

Argentina has already secured a WTO ruling criticizing the way the EU set anti-dumping duties. This prompted the EU to cut duties to between 4.5 and 8.1 percent from initial rates of 22 to 25.7 percent.

The rates for Indonesia remain those set in 2013, between 8.8 and 20.5 percent.

The General Court of the European Union, the second-highest EU court, also delivered a series of rulings in September 2016 to annul each set of duties in their present form.

The EU decided recently to withdraw a planned appeal, although the actual withdrawal could take some time, allowing the EU to determine how to proceed.



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