Wheat reclassifications affect quality

Edmonton — Efforts to modernization Canadian wheat classes have already increased the quality of Canadian wheat exports, even though the redesignation hasn’t happened yet, said Lisa Nemeth, director of international markets for Canadian International Grains Institute.

“In the last two years when we’ve been going out to meet with customers, we’ve not had the same questions around the strength of CWRS. We’ve been pretty specific in asking about it as well, and customers have been saying they’ve noticed an improvement and they are happy with the quality,” Nemeth said after her presentation at FarmTech, which was held Jan. 30-Feb. 1 in Edmonton.

To modernize Canadian wheat classes, wheat varieties designated CWRS and CPS were examined to make sure they met quality parameters of their class, specifically in gluten strength.

Many wheat varieties were identified that met the gluten strength requirements for their class.

“So, the wheat modernization efforts have been very successful in improving both CWRS and CPS red quality to assure end-users have the quality they are looking for and expecting out of these classes,” Nemeth said.

The redesignation is expected to happen Aug. 1, “but because producers knew it was coming, they have been decreasing the varieties that are being grown, so that’s why we’ve already seen the improvements in the classes,” Nemeth said.

The varieties that did not meet the quality parameters of CWRS and CPS wheat were placed in the Canada Northern Hard Red (CNHR) wheat class, which was announced by the Canadian Grain Commission on Jan. 15, 2016.

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