Letters to the editor – February 8, 2018


Sustainable energy production

Being involved in environmental activism for many years has been very beneficial in learning the vast array of methods that we can create environmentally responsible energy. The naysayers try to contain the discussion that clean alternatives are not there yet in technology and cost returns, which is hog wash. Clean energy is being produced around the world, economically using a variety of methods restricted only by man’s creative potential and political road blocks.

Clean energy is created by any moving water, incineration of biomass at high temperatures with minimal emissions, digesters converting human, food and animal waste into gas to fire electrical generators leaving a byproduct of nutritious fertilizer. Wind and solar costs are plummeting while new technologies are rapidly improving energy collection. These systems are becoming standard internationally for any country concerned about global warming. I’m only touching on our capacity to create clean energy and reduce emissions but I think these few examples convey the idea.

Of course a transfer to energy production that is clean will reduce the political and financial powers the present dirty energy tycoons control to their exclusive lucrative advantage, which can hardly be envisioned as being a lucrative or environmental advantage for present and future generations of life on Earth. To embrace clean energy with equal enthusiasm that our present petro politicians are conditioned to embrace dirty energy would transfer the actual power (heat, electricity and their massive job-creating abilities), into the hands of local producers of that energy. To have cheap clean energy produced from your roof top, pig barn, feed lot, flax straw, compost, landfills, sewage lagoons, moving water, would transfer energy profits and jobs to the local investors in those technologies. Can you think of anything you could or would do with dramatically reduced costs or even free energy?

Energy locally produced and consumed or exported, short distances, to the neighbors cleans up big problems with things we now consider waste and we reduce the need for the dirty energy we rely on kilowatt for kilowatt.

Unless you’re living in one of those bubbles of denial you know we are presently in a downward spiral of selfish capitalist — created environmental collapse justified by nothing more emotional than greed. Cleaning up the environment, being conscientious stewards for the next generations, transferring power and wealth from heartless, nationless global corporations to local communities and people of conscience could and should be our human legacy.

Our only guarantee in life is death — we can’t take profit, power, greed or stupidity into that realm.

Greg Chatterson,
Fort San, Sask.



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