Agreement with India reached over pulse fumigation

WINNIPEG — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reached an agreement with the Indian government over pulse fumigation issues during his state visit to India.

In in a joint press release from Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, it stated the prime ministers both see the importance of ensuring access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. The release also noted that transparency and predictability of market access conditions, including sharing of information on production of agricultural commodities, are key to advancing food security goals for both countries.

“India and Canada will work closely together to finalize an arrangement within 2018 to enable the export of Canadian pulses to India free from pests of quarantine importance, with mutually acceptable technological protocols,” the release stated.

Trudeau took part in the state visit to India from Feb. 18 to 24, where he had said he would discuss the fumigation and tariff issues with the Indian government.

Indian government regulations require pulses shipped to the country to be fumigated before arriving. The fumigation process doesn’t work well in cold weather and Canada doesn’t have the nematode pest India is trying to keep out through fumigation.

India had renewed the extensions regularly since 2004. Initially the renewals happened annually and later every six months. In July the extension was changed again to three months for Canada, with the latest expiring Sept. 30. The fumigation exemption was never renewed.

In November the Canadian pulse industry was blindsided when the Indian government placed a 50 percent import tariff on peas. In December a 30 percent tariff was placed on lentil and chickpea imports, the chickpea import was later raised to 40 percent.

No mention was made about the import tariffs in the press release.

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  • Monkeeworks

    That is somewhat of a useless press release. (seems his whole trip was a fiasco) What agreement did they come to? They agreed to talk later about it mentioned in one small paragraph, the rest hype and red herrings. I think a few details of the agreement are pretty important. Only detail they released was they agreed food is pretty important. Compared to the India trip in whole that agreement is a rounding success.

  • Harold

    Trudeau has reached an agreement with the Indian government over pulse fumigation but neither Country has exposed what that agreement has been. Did they both agree to keep things just as they already are? Agreeing to keep things just as they are is also called an agreement. This report confirms that Trudeau did not achieve anything during his trip to India. Nothing was finalized and after Trudeau embarrassed Canadians while he was on India’s soil, the only thing confirmed was that Canada will continue to communicate in negotiations with India. This is hardly a departure from what already pre-existed before Trudeau’s arrival. Clearly this was another Taxpayer funded, family site seeing holiday and family photo-op that has been disguised as business but it is with the intent of gathering Liberal votes from the large population of East Indian origin who are residing in Vancouver BC, Ontario, and Quebec. Clearly, the Prime Minister cannot return to Canada from India empty-handed, so graciously Narendra Modi gave Trudeau a token Newspaper Headline which is nothing more in relevance than a India postcard. It doesn’t surprise me that Commodity News Service, headquartered in Vancouver, if I am not mistaken, is publishing an Article which does nothing more than pander to the Liberal BC vote gathering agenda – due to their dying popularity. Overall, this trip has been a pretty good deal if you are Trudeau and only have to endure a two hour meeting within a 7 day site seeing tour that is all paid for at the expense of the Canadian Taxpayer and all that you need to bring Canadians is an India postcard. I am certain that the residents of Canada who are of East Indian origin do have the Intelligence to see right through this Liberal Party vote seeking propaganda.


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