A good way to get briefed: Between the Rows

How do you get briefed?

I hope one of your answers is: “By reading newspapers.”

That’d be good for my career longevity. And it would mean you’re serious about being informed.

But there are obviously lots of other ways to get briefed on the parts of the world that you’re interested in. Radio and TV have existed for decades, but probably the best way to get plugged-in to information about the issues you care about is through podcasts. Many of you no doubt already listen to podcasts on your mobile or computer, while you drive, cook or run on the treadmill, but some may not. And not all of you realize that reporters from this newspaper and others in the Glacier Farmmedia stable contribute to one that is a great way to get briefed on some of the issues affecting Canadian farming.

Between the Rows is a weekly podcast that I’m sometimes on and sometimes host, and it’s a chance for you to hear from some of the reporters and analysts you see writing stories and providing analysis in our publications.

We’ve been going for almost a year now and falling into our rhythm.

If you haven’t listened to us, check out our recent episodes. I hosted one in late December looking at NAFTA and the implications of its continuation or failure, and I hosted one that should be released this week looking at the markets outlook for 2018.


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