Trudeau says Canada will keep exploring trade deal with China

BEIJING, China (Reuters) — Canada will continue to explore a free trade agreement with China, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today, as it weighs its options after the United States threatened to pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The announcement appears to delay what was expected to be an announcement of the beginning of formal discussions toward working out an agreement.

Speaking after a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Trudeau said if “done properly,” such an agreement would benefit both countries and strengthen the middle class.

“It’s an opportunity that makes sense for Canadian businesses,” he said at the start of a five-day trip to China. “Canada is and always has been a trading nation. But the landscape of trade is shifting and we need to adjust to it.”

Li said China remained open to exploring a free trade deal with Canada as part of joint efforts to safeguard world trade liberalization and advance globalization.

“We have an open attitude toward the process of negotiations, and an open attitude towards their contents,” Li said.

“On the agricultural front, I’m pleased to announce the Canadian beef and pork will have greater access to the Chinese market,” Trudeau said, without elaborating.

Canada is considering whether to launch talks on a free trade deal with China, which wants a trade pact similar to the ones it has with Australia and New Zealand.

But Trudeau, aware of domestic unease at the idea, is moving slowly. Although polls consistently show Canadians are split over the merits of a trade deal, Canada needs to diversify exports to offset the possible damage done if the United States pulls out of NAFTA.

Trudeau’s visit, which began yesterday, comes as plane maker Bombardier Inc. is eager to win a breakthrough order from Chinese carriers for its CSeries jet, whose fuselage is made in China.

But the chance of sealing such deals has become more cloudy after Canada encouraged Bombardier to sell a controlling stake in the CSeries program to Airbus rather than a Chinese firm.

China has been loosening restrictions on beef imports this year to feed the appetite of the country’s growing middle class for more western food.

Trudeau said he also agreed with Li in a joint statement that affirms a commitment to “mitigating the global threat of climate change” and lays out a plan for closer collaboration.

Earlier today, Trudeau promoted Chinese tourism to Canada at an event held at the headquarters of China’s Twitter-like online media company, Sina Weibo.

Canada has said it will co-host a January meeting with the United States of up to 16 foreign ministers in Vancouver to produce “better ideas” to ease tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic tests.

In late November, North Korea tested its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile yet, putting the continental United States within range and increasing pressure on U.S. President Donald Trump to deal with the nuclear-armed nation.

Li said he discussed international and regional issues with Trudeau, but did not elaborate.

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  • John Fefchak

    Free Trade !….it’s 30 years old and what a cost and headache it has been to the producers, industry, forestry and factories, alike, in Canada ……..and of course the taxpayers of Canada.

    One thing for sure, It certainly is NOT Free, as the confrontations are never ending, and I am quite certain, there are well paying jobs being further fortified and established, on both sides with the expertise and knowledge to continually bafflegab each other in these issues and conflicts. Where to paste a label and the information on that label being one the most recent agenda item that would decorate a package of pork chops or ground hamburger meat.

    But labelling products affiliated with Genetically Modified Organisms; ( GMO’s), Oh No! that is out of the question.Apparently consumers aren’t entitled to know ‘that information’.

    Canada needs to take a hard look at Free Trade with a realization, it, like the Senate is costing taxpayers a heck of a lot of money; and do the Ends Justify the means.!
    But looking at it another way, our Prime Minister sure is getting in a lot of air travel.
    In the meantime, I wonder what his appointed ‘Trade Minister’ is doing. to keep busy…or is he/ she part of the gathering too?

    • Harold

      I agree with you John, but may I also offer to you the following: other than the capitol letters N – A – F- T- A, the trade agreement is the most unknown and unheard-of document in Canada and the Media and Government likes it that way. No public scrutiny. (the public consists of many professionals in every walk of life) Added to this, the Media and Government are incredibly silent on the harm that NAFTA has done to Canada, and with their silence, they have created a Canadian NAFTA bliss illusion. NAFTA has created so much damage in Canada that we are now deeper in dependence than ever before upon other globalist Elite controlled countries for our well being. This is why Macaulay is tight lipped and not forth coming and we are dependent upon re-signing NAFTA – and blaming Trump for our woes. If the expiring NAFTA Contract were fully known, Canadians would be deeply angered to say in the least. Canadians would see a trail to our own destruction, and not a trail to free trade as promised. Our Industry’s and jobs that supported our economy conrtol left Canada in droves and they were replaced by foreign ownership which bypasses our sovereignty, our elected officials, and our Supreme Court, and for this Canadians have been handsomely paid by NAFTA. This forced the hand of government to sell the CWB and led to the TPP and the other agreements to favor foreign investors and their interests and their global wealth. Even a slave (Canada) is given a meal and handouts to keep them working. Trump is saying that NAFTA is a disaster and the worst agreement possible (he has read it – he owns his own Law firm) and we in our uninformed bliss say that it isn’t. Isn’t it funny how our Agriculture Minister is so silent and has never openly challenged Trump with the document details to prove him wrong? For every NAFTA problem that Trump has said, the same problem has occurred in Canada. What holds the USA back and creates their losses are the same that holds Canada back and creates our losses per NAFTA. We should all be asking ourselves some questions. 100% Canadian ownership of industry is all of about 15% or less today. Do we have a controlling Canadian interest in our economy? Who does then? When and where did our industry go? The Agriculture Minister and Trudeau and the Media are pretty silent and inactive aren’t they? It is foreign ownership that does all the feeding to Canada and Trudeau or the Agriculture Minister can no longer have control or say anything . We should be asking more questions. Why do we have Cargill, a 100% USA owned company set up in Canada? Where Is our Canadian owned Beef industry and our economic control? Free trade? For whom? You can multiply this by the industries that we have lost since signing the NAFTA trade agreement to see Canada’s true state of affairs. The issues of labeling becomes even much more clearer – why would Foreign owned Corporations compete against themselves in corporations that they own in Canada? As you know, there is clear and obvious evidence all around us that the politicians are controlled by the industry, and so much so, that they no longer have an ear for the public – the very ones paying them for their service and offices. In common terms, this is called a breach of contract. Accepting money for a service and not providing that service is a breach of contract. It is unlawful. In other common terms it is called – UN-fair taxation. The trouble with most Canadians is that they cannot identify fraudulent or UN-fair taxation committed against them by their very own Government, so therefore – there isn’t any – just fair taxation – at all costs ; obedience. Money cannot be taken from anyone unless an equal value in services or a product is provided by the one receiving that money. Who then are the politicians and why are they called the public’s servants and not the servants of Industry whom they are now serving? It is because politicians are solely gaining their money from us in exchange for doing our bidding. We don’t ask enough questions so therefore there can be no answers and the government likes it that way; obedience. Sit down, shut up, and obey authority or else face punishment, is what we truly know the best, and truly know how to do, and for this event we have not wasted any of our time learning this from our government run schools and their Boards for its continuance in society thereafter from school.
      Needless to say, in my view, Trudeau is getting a lot of “air travel” vacation time disguised as being work. He calls himself a feminist because – that where all the girls are – and they tend to like nice hair and don’t mind their image displayed in Trudeau’s man-less selfies. As you know, an “ist” is of an “ism” – and an “ism” is a list of constructed rules to an is – and to abide by those rules – the gender is totally irrelevant. Sometimes the is – is in fact an isn’t – and the rules of an isn’t – apply to no one. Apparently the ordinary is too hard for Trudeau to figure out and so forth he calls himself a feminist. He can’t be a man who can abide by the rule – so he calls himself feminine – thinking that it gives him the power to abide by “isms” rules. Feminine + feminism (rules) = feminist. feminine + no rules = feminine/female. Sorry Trudeau, your is – is an isn’t. It appears that Trudeau skipped passed a few lessons in biology and word knowledge. Maybe the 100 thousand dollar sports car given to him at the age of 16 had something to do with it. His Drama doesn’t convince me either, so I can understand why he is no longer teaching it. However, he does give a new meaning to the term “drama queen” if anybody is in need of a new meaning; fake tears and all.

    • ed

      Agreed for the most part. But the way decisions are made in Ottawa, I am not sure that we shouldn’t have three or four senates. LOL Anyhow, you did nail it about the free trade issue. Since it’s inception it has done very little for Canada. It has helped the ultra rich in Canada however. Under the threat of continued globalization, (that is not a good thing by the way), workers for 30 years have had to work for lower and lower labour rates adjusted for inflation to fend off foeighn labour rates and the total out sourcing of their jobs. As they do near the ultimate efficiency, the minimum labour rates of the land, the jobs finally do get out sourced and it is over for them.In the mean time the ultra rich, under the cover of “Free Trade” will continue to get much richer by having the transfer of wealth move towards them via cheap labour to run their scams and the transfer of the true value of Canada’s resources into their pockets, while public facilities such as our highways get pounded to pulp. Then the words “it is a win/win” come up. That is beyond comedy. It is tragic!

      • Harold

        Senators should not be appointed by government, they should be elected by the public to bypass party affiliation and only then will Canadian interests be served.
        Who are the Ultra rich in Canada and what dollar value do you place on the term Ultra? There is only about 15% Canadian current ownership; the rest of the corporations are foreign owned; thank you trade agreements. (NAFTA) Minimum wages have given those jobs over to technology and machines are now replacing them. When taxes and food costs rise machines take over the lower paying Jobs creating unemployment and a demand on tax dollars. (debt dollars) The direct cause of high pricing is the middle men and agencies who vacuum money from the producer and the consumer but it is the producer and the consumer who are creating money so therefore the middlemen are the blood sucker of the economy. The middlemen produce nothing and do not create a value; they eat from it. What they eat increases the costs to the producer and the consumer. Government regulations ensure the feast of the middlemen and the feast of government and the feast of foreign ownership in Canada. The NAFTA deal was a free foreign ownership deal and trade was the tool. Since the signing of the NAFTA deal, I saw Canadian company’s close, or leave Canada, or bought by foreign investors. The NAFTA agreement was not created by any politician; it was created by the Global Industry and offered to each government to sign. This is why our Agricultural Minister behaves like he is out of the loop and is silent and is not proactive and is reactionary only. Canadian politicians have never had a hand in creating the NAFTA agreement and Trump has confounded them by the threat of “ripping it up”. Ask the Agriculture Minister some real questions; I would love to hear the answers and perhaps we could offer him and the Media some more tissues. Canadian protection is something that Politicians do not understand and our unemployment and foreign takeovers emphasizes it. The word Canadian has been stripped from CWB by 51% foreign. Yay Canada!! We know whose interests we all work for. Canadians are the labor force of foreign investors taking our resources from, and out of Canada. Canadians are not a labor force selling our resources as it should be; that existence predated NAFTA. Unlike NAFTA, the TPP has no expiry date but is the same deal and has no future Canadian resolve to any complications, but like NAFTA, it cannot be cancelled without a grievous penalty given to all Canadians. Again, we should be asking the Agriculture Minister some real questions; asking Trudeau is a lost cause unless you want a selfie with him in it, or you have forgotten any of his memorized no content speeches and answers.


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