Sask Wheat directors elected

Sask Wheat has elected four directors to serve for the next four years.

Bill Gehl of Regina, the most recent chair of the development commission, was re-elected, as was Ken Rosaasen, who farms near Preeceville.

Both have served on the board since 2014.

Joining them are newcomers Brett Halstead from Nokomis and Jake Leguee from Weyburn.

Halstead is well-known from his time on SaskCanola and the Canadian Canola Growers Association.

Leguee is a third-generation farmer who has an agronomy degree from the University of Saskatchewan and writes a blog called A Year in the Life of a Farmer.

Ten candidates sought the four positions.

There were 3,266 verified votes cast: 2,014 by paper and 1,252 online.


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  • ed

    Maybe these guys can get a price positive single desk collective selling cartel going for the farmers so they can recover the $4 Billion dollars per year losses that has occured starting on Aug. 1st, 2012. That adds up to $20 Billion now, so they definately have some lost ground to cover. Congratulations to you guys and the Best of Luck!

    • Harold

      Ed, I’m not sure what they can do now that the foreign global investors hold all of the cards. Are you seeing something that I am not? It would seem to me that this group is going to have to pay dearly to play. The David without a sling shot and goliath thing per say. David can only be king if goliath is not standing in the way. The foreign investors have not been stupid; they hold us at every turn upon their will and not ours. I believe that if we attempt to create a CWB they will shift the market to punish us, and they have that power, and they don’t care if it takes other countries with it. After the punishment, they become the hero in it’s restorative shift back and in hunger we will appreciate their heroics and we thinking that they have done us some sort of favor. In simple terms, if all farmers in the world sold direct to every miller in the world would anyone give a damn about the price of wheat? No, just fair exchange. What a high costing corrupted trillion dollar mess that we all are paying for (consumers included) and receiving the bill for eh?
      EH? is the short form of: to Ed from Harold – I have a question.

      • ed

        You are definately on to something here. Thanks for the acknowledgement. There does not seem to be alot of people catching on to this. Especially farmers. Last time they didn’t catch on we lost 2/3rds of our farmers. Most of that loss was in the under 35 years of age group. Once more for that type of exodus and Canada will be needing to import more than rubber Mcdonalds toys from China. The curtain call is coming again…..

      • ed

        Right on!


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