China agrees to accept more Canadian meat

More beef and pork can be sold into China following an agreement announced today by the federal government, but details are yet to be revealed.

According to the Canadian Meat Council, Canadian bone-in beef, fresh chilled beef and pork products could see expanded access in a deal that could increase exports by up to $100 million for pork and $125 million for beef.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in China to discuss trade issues, and Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay was also on a mission to China recently with the same goals.

The meat council commissioned a study by the Conference Board of Canada that showed the extent of Canadian meat exports to China.

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  • Brooklyn Braun

    Another fantastic example of how economies and countries benefit from trade agreements! China has a large middle class looking to buy good quality beef and Canada’s got exactly that! China has access to high quality imports and Canada’s demand for beef increases supporting ranchers and the economy! It’s a win win!

    • Monkeeworks

      We have quality beef for China and in return we get their junk.

  • Good-Bye-Man

    I’m sure that means more affordable meat for Canadian families, right?


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