VIDEO: The future of glyphosate in Europe

The future use of the herbicide glyphosate is a highly charged political issue in Europe.

This video story from our partners at Reuters News Agency looks at how one British farmer sees the issues.

Last week the European Union’s 28 countries failed to approve or reject the European Commission’s proposal for a five-year extension to the licence allowing glyphosate to be used. If an extension is not passed, the herbicide’s European licence would expire Dec. 15.

Fourteen countries voted in favour, nine against and five abstained, not enough to secure a “qualified majority” under EU voting rules, the Commission said, adding that it would resubmit its proposal in the next two weeks, before the current authorization expires on Dec. 15.

In theory, the Commission could then push through the extension but it would prefer the governments make the call on an issue that has become politically charged.

Although Britain is leaving the European Union, what happens in Europe will have a major impact on British farms.

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  • old grouchy

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm – – – I suppose if you think that the only tools you have for combating weeds are herbicides then you have a problem. Maybe the poor guy in England needs to get out a bit more – – – see some agriculture other places – – – places where other options beside chemicals are actually still used.
    But of course, this might mean that the mighty chemical companies might not make quite as much money – – – poor them!

    • richard

      If you view industrial agriculture for what it actually is…. faith based religion…. then you realize the reductionist doctrine of war on nature coming out of St. Louis and Basel, reads like gospel truth…. and anything representing a holistic or sustainable approach is heresy. The fact that war on nature can never be won is neither a deterrent or an obstacle….. for it brings the faithful to their knees….. for life.


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