Letters to the editor – November 30, 2017

Pipelines needed

Canada should run an appraisal on its unlimited natural resources with the inclusion of prime agricultural, food-producing land.

Canada’s northern region, with thousands of square miles, possesses only a non-economic, surface covered with moss. Beneath its surface exists one of the world’s richest undeveloped mineral and energy fields in the world.

Financial reports by the Fraser Institute detail financial debt and reckless spending by the various forms of government. In addition, the cancellation of pipeline transportation and sea-port infrastructure has added to high taxation and deep national debt. In consideration of Canada’s surplus minerals and energy, every form of production requires an upgrade in management at higher levels – especially Canada’s federal government, with natural resource development neglect. Canada could be a country in acceptable financial condition, free from debt, with reasonable taxation.

We must consider trillions of dollars of Canada’s undeveloped northern wealth and relate it to Canada’s combined debts.

Thoughts must return to 1974, whereby the Mackenzie Valley pipeline, a corridor to the north, was cancelled. Today, after 43 years of delay, the northern gateway corridor is again being discussed.

Canada has a distinct advantage to access the Asia Pacific markets involving populated density of countries like China and India. If delivery and port loading facilities were available, major benefits would follow. It must always be remembered, Canada has the third largest energy field in the world next to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Unnecessary delays in future Canadian energy development should be forbidden.

Please inform your MP.

John Seierstad
Tisdale, Sask.


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