Biodiesel: myth vs. fact

MegCorp. is a fuel consulting company that conducts biodiesel research, promotion and direct assistance with biofuel problems.

The company, funded by soybean farmers in northern midwestern states, says many myths surrounding biodiesel must be addressed.

  • Biodiesel competes with food: Processing crops such as soybeans, canola or corn removes only the oil for use as fuel. Protein-laden meal is a byproduct, which is now available for livestock or human consumption.
  • Biodiesel doesn’t flow in the winter: Blends up to five percent have no problem. Blends up to 20 percent require cold flow additives or a blend with No. 1 diesel for cold weather.
  • Biodiesel has quality problems: More than 87 percent of the U.S. biodiesel volume met the BQ-9000 and ASTM D6751 quality criteria in 2013, the most recent data released by MegCorp.
  • Biodiesel ruins engines: All major U.S. automakers and engine manufacturers accept biodiesel up to B5 without impact to warranty. Some accept blends up to B20 that meet ASTM criteria without impact to warranty.

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