B.C. Young Farmers offers networking opportunities

British Columbia Young Farmers is trying to strengthen the province’s next generation of farmers.

“We strengthen it by providing networking opportunities for farmers to interact with their cohorts,” said Jillian Robbins, a board member with B.C. Young Farmers.

“We also do educational workshops and sometimes day learning things so we will bring in speakers or people from different industries who are in high regard and they come in and do a day workshop for young farmers.”

Alexis Warmerdam, chair of B.C. Young Farmers, became involved in the organization as a way to meet other people in the industry around her age.

“In doing so, I was able to meet a variety of different people from a variety of different sectors. In turn, I realized it doesn’t matter if you’re in cut flowers or poultry or dairy, at the end of the day, we have the same problems and the same concerns so it’s kind of nice to being able to talk about those concerns or the milestones and great things you accomplish with people within your age group,” she said.

B.C. Young Farmers is open to various types of farmers.

“Obviously, the Fraser Valley and B.C. in general is unique in that we have all different types of farming,” said Robbins.

“I think it’s an amazing time for young farmers. I’ve never heard so many people talk about young farmers in so many different realms. So, young farmers seems to be a hot topic.”

Warmerdam had the opportunity to start working with her dad five years ago.

“I haven’t looked back since. For me, it was a big opportunity. It is a challenge to get into, especially in the Fraser Valley where the land base is fixed and the land value is so high,” she said.

B.C. Young Farmers also hosts regular farm tours. People interested in the organization can follow the group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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