AG Notes

Support for value-added

The federal government is investing $330,000 in the Saskatchewan Lean Improvements in Manufacturing (SLIM) program.

The funding will go to Rebellion Brewing of Regina to expand the company’s brewing capacity and add exterior grain storage, as well as a canning system.

AGT Food and Ingredients in Regina will also receive infrastructure investment of $500,000 to support production and equipment upgrades.

The latter project includes improvements to its polishing, bagging and conveyer system to increase productivity at the Regina facility.

To qualify for the SLIM program, eligible businesses must be involved in the value-added processing of crops and livestock into food, feed or bio-products, and must be expending a minimum of $200,000 on a project that will have a significant impact on productivity and efficiency.

Eligible projects can receive 50 percent reimbursement to a maximum of $500,000.

Twenty-five SLIM projects have already been completed over the life of the program, with an additional 19 expected to be completed by February.

New CFC director

Michael Laliberté is the incoming executive director at Chicken Farmers of Canada. Laliberte will assume the position Oct. 2 with outgoing Mike Dungate remaining in an advisory capacity until the end of 2017.

Laliberte has been with the organization for 26 years, most recently as director of operations where he managed the finance unit, the human resources and administration unit, and the information systems within the market information and systems unit.

Besides reporting to the board, he will oversee a 25-member staff that promotes the consumption of chicken, develops and audits on-farm food safety, animal care and specialty production programs on 2,800 farms across Canada, and has an active government and public relations program.

Cranberry technology

A repayable investment of more than $9.3 million from the federal government has helped Fruit d’Or commission with its new plant in Plessisville, Quebec.

The money helped build an ultra-modern plant and buy and commission new equipment and technologies. The company is considered a leader in organic cranberry processing and is ready to expand production and boost exports.

Federal Funds enabled Fruit d’Or to increase its processing capacity by eight million pounds of traditional cranberries and 15 million lb. of organic cranberries over three years.

The company produces cranberry juice and dried fruit.

Livestock welfare funds

The federal government is investing up to $1.31 million in the Canadian Animal Health Coalition to help ensure the safe transportation of livestock, develop emergency management tools for the livestock industry and improve animal care assessments. 

Funding will be divided between four projects:

  • Up to $223,929 to develop a new livestock transport on-line certification program designed to simplify, standardize and provide an opportunity for truckers, shippers and receivers to more easily get training in livestock handling
  • Up to $160,713 to update the transportation codes of practice for the care and handling of farm animals during transport
  • Up to $813,200 to develop an emergency management plan for the Canadian livestock industry to help it respond to and to recover from major emergencies  
  • Up to $112,180 to revise the Chicken Farmers of Canada animal care assessment program to meet the new code of practice for hatching eggs, breeders, chickens and turkeys.


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